Thursday, July 16, 2009

Detour - Kauai Style

Yesterday i went into town to take care of some needed shopping, etc. I was just leaving Walmart, when Lance called me to tell me he needed some simple green. It was 11 am. So, I circled around and went back to Walmart. 20 minutes later, on my way home, I turned onto the main Highway (actually, the ONLY road that goes back to the north side of the island to where i live )...and found it to be bumper to bumper traffic. The local radio station said that a 2 car collision was up ahead that had happened at 11:06....and that both sides of the highway had been shut down. So me and a zillion other locals and tourists just sat...and sat...and sat. There is only ONE road out of the main city of Lihue and it snakes following the ocean all the way to where there are no more roads - Haena. I had the Garden News with me, so I read that....police cars raced by one way, ambulances the other...about 1/2 hour later, cars started to slowly move....until we got to the golf course next to the highway...then we were diverted onto a paved and/or dirt maintenance road through the golf course, and around the accident and then back onto the highway. Unfortunately I didn't remember to pull out my camera at first, so there are no shots of the puzzled golfers we drove through.....but just look at that blue sky!

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Marilyn Rock said...

Connie; GREAT shots! You took advantage of a situation there. That sky is something; love the shapes of the puffy clouds against the blue. The shot in the rear-view mirror is cool! Have a great day! (Marilyn;

Joanne Huffman said...

I love the idea of a parade of cars driving through a golf course to the amazement of the golfers.


Sprite said...

Well that's something! I do hope no one was seriously injured though. :)

BIG hugs,

jackie said...

What a unique detour! I don't do traffic jams very well - I would have circled back around and shopped in Walmart some more!

I loved seeing all the wonderful things that Kathy sent you - great stuff! And she was lucky to have some of your amazing bird beads - I adore mine!!

Your studio looks amazing! It's wonderful that you have so much room! I like the way you have it set up into stations - very conducive to your creative juices!


Lorri Scott said...

LOL! I can understand exactly how this played out!