Sunday, August 30, 2009


LOOK AT WHAT I GOT IN THE MAIL! LUCKY LUCKY ME....there they were on my work desk when I got home, just waiting for me to open them!
Below is an amazing stash of incredible things sent to me by Amber (...aka the "CHARM QUEEN") Dawn. A while back ago Amber commented on liking some beads I had used....I had 2 more left, so i sent them to her along with a FEW other little things. Amber then asked me if I needed any more rusty bezels. Now I LOVE Amber Dawn's rusty bezels. She digs them up herself from fallen decris from a metal factory....lots 'o work! well, of course i needed more bezels. So we decide to call the exchange a what does Amber send me?
Bezels, of course.

BIG ONES....for pendants and shrines and mixed media paintings. She also sent me "chaton roses" ....vintage, crystal and from Austria. ZILLIONS of them!
all wrapped up in their original vintage paper....

green aurora borealis ones, bronze ones, black ones
but wait...there's more!
just look!

is that a cool hand or what? ...and look at the BUGS. The brass flowery things are findings to hold the chatons. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the barrettes with my name on them!

if you click on this pic you will see that the black flowers at the top left are velvet metal roses!

...and see those tiny square sequins? they are metal! (or maybe they are spacers?...whatever...they are FAB!)
thank you thank you thank you Amber Dawn! You are a great friend and beyond GENEROUS!
...About THREE YEARS AGO I participated in a "virtues" tarot least that is what I thought it was called...but it was so long ago I don't remember. The host ran into an amazing amount of life incidents and so the cards were never distributed. Now with this swap you made your assigned tarot cards and submitted the original art, and then the host was to copy them and mail them out.
well lo and behold when I got back on Thursday night, my deck had arrived.
Boy was the wait worth it!
The cards came in a wooden box and were accompanied by a booklet that explained the meaning of every card. Truly beautiful!

..the cards in their box....

...the booklet...

...the cards....
...oh, and here's the centipede bracelet...not exactly a success....the resin is hard, but still flexible...weird and rather UGLY.


Joanne Huffman said...

Incredible loot from Amber! I look forward to seeing what you do with it.The tarot deck looks like something I would like to spend a lot of time going through. I just bought a resin bracelet mold and will soon try it out.

jackie said...

SCORE big time!! What wonderful treasures from Amber!!
And how cool is the Tarot deck!
Also enjoyed the bird photo in Lance's hand - very sweet!

Kathy L said...

What a cash! Oh I am so jealous!