Sunday, May 22, 2011

News Around The Shop.....

making my own molds...i attach sprues of apoxie clay.  I am using smooth-on  omoo 25.

I cast the silicone in paper cups and some plastic hallow blocks.  i slice the mold partially to remove the molded object .  when i cast, i close the mold up with rubber bands.
these are beads- hands and feet are about 5/8 inch
a tiny horse charm who stands on hs own...this one i did not make....he came on a stand that said  "manowar" that i cut off....
a cool crow that i molded and cast,,,,,he has a hole thru his neck to make him a bead.....i'm going to patina him with black in the recesses and then shine the rest of him up!
i am doing a series of 12 chinese zodiac "marbles" for a custom order....i had molds for all except the monkey, so i made my own.  This is how he turned out.  he has a cute tail on the back.  i also remolded the rooster because the detail on the original mold was so unclear.  tomorrow i will cast the rooster and then the series will be done, AT LAST!    then i will clean up all my pewter stuff  (i have molds, sandpaper, pewter scraps, dremel bits etc etc all over the shop!)
Once the shop is cleaned up i will get my sewing machine out and start putting together 2 different leather purses i have designed.......i bought some beautiful hides from Tandy leather that were on i am excited to get going. ...i LOVE trying a new creative outlet.


Jood said...

WOWZER!!!! I am mondo impressed by your mold-making!

Joanne Huffman said...

Incredibly wonderful mold making. You really are productive. I can hardly wait to see your purses.

Meredith said...

Oh Connie- you are so awesome! I can't wait to see these marbles in person. Really great!

I've always wondered, you spoke of casting some of the pieces from Milton that we don't have molds of. How does that work? I can understand taking a negative in clay- but do you have to hand carve the silicone?

MB Shaw said...

Wow, these are super cool!
And congratulations, I stopped by to tell you that you're the winner of the 'Whole Shabang' prize on my blog. Yippeee!! So send me your address and I will get this in the mail to you.