Wednesday, May 29, 2013

FREECYCLE ....lucky find!

We do not have trash pick up in my when your garbage cans are full, you load them into your truck and take them to the closest transfer station.  I think it is called a transfer station (instead of a dump) because they TRANSFER the trash somewhere else...
In any case....anything that you want to freecycle you just leave next to the dump chute.
last week i picked up this:

I thought I would be able to reuse the frame - it's huge!  40 x 50 inches!  But when I got it home and looked at it.....i realized the "poster" inside was a Guy Buffet artist print - numbered and signed.
.and the artist had drawn in pencil and then watercolored an original additional panel on the lithograph.
It is in excellent shape - maybe some mildew on the mat - although it could be under the glass.........
i really live it.
how cool is that?
what a lucky find!

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