Saturday, September 14, 2013


I have been trying to sculpt a face for my BJD class..  Some people are done with their dolls.  Not me.   I am still hung up on lesson 2 (out of 6).  You are to take your sculpted head, open it, hallow it, smooth it etc.....and then add the internal components for the neck ball joint , the eyes, the neck key, and the face magnets.  The teacher emphasizes that the class is to learn the BJD techniques, and a terrific sculpt you can work on later, after you get the techniques down.
So I am moving on.  I will use one of these lopsided - and or characterless - and./or BURNT heads .....and just DO IT.  time to just finish up and put it together.....

an assortment of heads...really burnt the first one,
opened head- ready to have armature removed .  notice I BURNED HIM.
so today i sanded all the heads.  tomorrow I will open probably the 3rd head from the right and will use that as my doll head.   Of course you were supposed to pre cut before you cured the clay.
oh well.
Pretty worried about my papa.  Making pre-arrangements to help my sister out...trying to keep myself distracted from this difficult but necessary life experience.  He turned 93 on the 10th..

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Joanne Huffman said...

I think all your heads have character. I hope you eventually use all of them. I'm sorry things are difficult with your dad. It's got to be hard for all of you. I hate it when mortality raises its ugly head. Sending hugs.