Monday, March 19, 2007


well.... i didn't realize i hadn't posted in sooo long! after my glassblowing fiasco i came down with a sort of flu - it actually put me in bed!...and i rarely get sick. DH got it too - his lasted 3 days, mine just 2. mainly we were very tired and achy (although he had some stomach issues too). But we are both fine now!
here is how my glass turned out. the biggest piece is only about 2 1/2 inches high, so they are kind of cute...and lopsided.
I have been working on 3 tarot type cards that my friend Angela invited me to participate in. My cards are fate, patience and theft. I've had a hard time with them, mainly because MY SHOP IS A DISASTER! I have piled everything so high I can no longer function in there. My buddy Angie posted pics of her shop "before and after". I'm only posting my "before", because i haven't finished the "after"...but at least the desks are now cleaned, and the shelf units have been emptied and then re organized. everything has been sorted and put away except for under the desk and one huge green garbage bag that I loaded up with everything that was yet to be put away when the realtors showed up and i had to ditch it all old trick my mama taught me! i also took out enough garbage to warrant a run to the dump...and another run to the thrift store.

Today I received my 36 w gel nailcure lamp,
which i am going to use to develop photo polymer plates to make molds for pmc clay. i got it from a manufacturer on ebay, and it is beautiful! I also ordered some niobium earwires from i have been wearing a pair of them all day to see if they hurt my ears. niobium is supposed to be totally non reactive, better than silver, surgical steel, gold or even titanium. So far, I have had NO soreness whatsoever.....and they come in many colors that will never change and they are only $1 a pair. I'm going to switch to them exclusively for all the earrings I make. (so far I've made none. LOL) I have a pair of earrings made out of my "sunshine and joy" charms that my sister wanted, but she needed earwires she wouildn't infect her ears and I needed them to look like brass to match the charms - so the yellow wires perfect!
my overflowing desks.

yep, I'm still a slob! ...notice all of the unfinished projects......

OK, what else? Here's a pic of my altar lizard,
who I found dead on my altar area in the shop.
I left him there (It seemed like a good omen to
me) and he has since skeletonized. I hope to
coat him with pmc paste and toast him in my kiln
and make him more permanent....... (yeah right, like all of the other projects i've yet to finish!)


joanne huffman said...

Connie, I love the pictures of your studio (I can still out-mess you at 30 paces and my art messes are strewn all over the house). I want to hear more about the earring thing; you would make the coolest earrings imaginable (your charms are so cool; earrings will be double the joy). Be sure to post the lizard when he is silver (I just ordered some pmc paste to cover twigs with).

shirleymcc said...

I am inspired to know that I am not the only messy person in the world.
Love the lizard!

Anonymous said...

Love your messy shop Connie. What a great place to create art.
What a cool lizard. I'm anxious to see how he turns out.
Glad to hear your feeling better. Can't wait to see your Tarot cards.
Are you ready for Joanne, DJ and the retreat?
kathy mc

Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Ohh Connie your pictures make me feel like I'm not alone in the world of creative clutter (hey it sounds better then slob or mess LOL). I know the glass blowing didn't turn out like you'd hoped but the pieces you created are something to be proud of in my book how cool to see them! Thank you for posting the link for the earrings I have a problem with one ear and I'm looking forward to trying some myself.