Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Tarot" style cards....

I finally finished the cards I have been working on.
The scans aren't the best - you can't see a lot of the
lowlight details - oh well! You had to make 6 x 8 originals and on the back explain the symbolism of the card and also the interpretation of the card. My cards were Fate, Theft, and Patience. I haven't done the written part yet, but at least they are finally done. I am filling in for someone who dropped out. There are 60 or so cards in the deck and the cards will be professionally
Mine are a collage combination of magazine ads, tissue paper, and/or hand drawn elements, partially digitally enhanced and then highlighted by hand where ever it suited my fancy!
A fellow Altered Art Diva and artist extraordinaire is
in town visiting - the infamous Fran Saperstein! And
I am having lunch with her tomorrow! I AM SO EXCITED.....we are going out for sushi....this island has the BEST sushi - locally caught in our pristine waters.....
i will take pictures!


Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Wow Connie what treasures your Tarot cards are I love all the detail and symbolism you put into them what a great swap that will be! I'm really kicking myself for not doing that swap. Have fun with Fran! :-)

kathy mc said...

Connie, you are so artistic. You have a distictive style that is all your own. I love your cards.
Have fun with Fran. Tell her I said hello. I'm looking forward to seeing the photo of you 2.

joanne huffman said...

Connie, Your Tarot cards are, indeed, works of art. You have captured Fatem Theft and Patience perfectly. They don't really need much of a written explanation. You and Fran should have a wonderful lunch and a lot of fun. I look forward to the pictures.

artsyfran said...

These tarot cards are BEAUTIFUL! I want to see more! LOL It was so awesome to meet you and to spend the afternoon together. I hope you come back to Phoenix soon so we can play! xoxo, Fran