Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well I am way behind on my projects and chores - as usual!  I'm still finishing up 2 Christmas projects...I have a winter banner swap due in a week, OWOH starts up soon (yay!...see the link on the right), i signed up for a bead party swap...and then i volunteered to make another POE tarot card...that of course was due immediately.
So I got the card done....I really love making tarot cards.  I have done about 15 now - all in different styles!

The Temperance Tarot Card, ala Poe's the Pit and the Pendulum...choices...using time, patience, research and moderation to achieve one's goals...and having faith because sometimes, just sometimes a hand DOES reach down from  from heaven and saves you.....
I started out the new year with a promise to take a picture a day...i did ok for about 5 days...and then I forgot.  I just totally forgot.  sheesh.  so here are a few I took:
Jan 1, 2010....putting the ornaments away.....

chalupa and sookie playing on the front side yard...

baby coconut trees (banana on the left)

pineapple tops I haven't planted yet that are growing anyway - on a chair...

bitter berries

my outdoor altar area - very neglected.  behind it you can see the open area we call "the back 2 acres"

a garden spider..he's big about 2 to 3 inches

a crab spider...this is "spider season"...when you mow you have to go through the plants first with a palm frond and knock all of the spiders down - otherwise they get entangled in your hair...

another crab spider, actually only about 1/2 inch size...they come in all colors

...this shot shows the legs, etc..
we have cane spiders too...that's the big old spider they used in the movie "arachnaphobia"...they are pretty funny spiders...the run really fast and are terrified of you....but they ARE scary looking - and HUGE!
I'm gonna try and remember to take pictures every day...I love the idea of keeping a "picture diary" of the year.


Marilyn Rock said...

Great pics Connie! Oh; those spiders. Aren't their webs incredible - art in itself :) Love that concept - picture diary of the year! Very cool! xxoo

Joanne Huffman said...

I'll enjoy seeing your daily photos. I love the pineapples growing in the chair. I don't "love" the spiders, but they are certainly fascinating; and the web is very cool.

Sprite said...

Connie the Tarot card is AWESOME!! Wow, Great pictures! I'd love to just walk around your home and yard. Those spiders are fascinating, we've never seen anything that big or such a difference in variety before here in ny. Thats probably a good thing ;) I dont mind or kill spiders but i certainly wouldnt want those babies in my hair! Id like to look at them up close though. Hope you can keep up with the picture diary, Id love to see more. I'm doing one a week and can't even keep up with that ha ha ha ha

Can't wait to see your OWOH giveaway, thanks for the reminder! I better get moving too.

Hope you are super sweetie :)

Pretty Things said...

Good grief the spam you captured with those spider webs! :-)

I love the photo (PHOTO) of the crab spider but I'm still shivering!

Arting Around said...

Love the spider photos, they are such beautiful creatures. And your garden stuff makes me remember how much I love Hawaii and wish I was there right now. 17 degrees here.