Monday, March 08, 2010

Yay! it was a VERY good day!

First, I got an email that I had won the "bite me" sweepstakes.  uh,...the what?  is that porno spam?
but i opened it anyway...and sure enough I won an advance copy of Christopher Moore's newest book " Bite Me:  A Love Story" and a tee shirt.  I'd forgotten I'd entered!  Christopher Moore is pretty funny and out there......he's also my son Skylar's FAVORITE author. (so guess who's getting the book?)
...and then, I got a call from a favorite producer and ....YAHOO!
I start a job the end of April in Florida for 4 months!
I've only ever been to Key West and this is somewhere near Ft Lauderdale....I hear it's really hot there in the summer...........are there any good art classes there?


Marilyn Rock said...

Connie! Well you certainly have some exciting things going on. Congrats on the "bite me" win and your 4-mos job in Key West; I hear it's beautiful there! xxoo

Joanne Huffman said...

Yay on the win and Yay on the job. I may be in Florida visiting Becky in late April of early May (she's in St Petersburg). Let me know when you'll be there and where you'll be staying and maybe we can get together.