Monday, March 29, 2010

Steampunk Card - "Spiderpunk"

Red Dog Scott is hostessing a steampunk card swap.  This is the card i made...its elements are cut outs, real hardware (and my bronze eye!) and tons of digital.
Red Dog is hosting an "Alice in Wonderland" skinny book swap now, something I'd love to participate in - but with starting a new job I don't think I'll be able to...but her swaps are always MARVELOUS!
I also found a tiny brass fork while i was cleaning my shop tables (don't ask - unbelievable crapalanche) so I pounded it on a ring form and added some crystals to a tine.

My buddy Joanne (go check out her FAB buttons and gorgeous beaded necklace!) hosted a Recipe Swap for members of the Altered Art Diva Group.  She took all of our recipes and sent them back beautifully esconced in a three ring binder that she made dividers for and decorated.  We each had to make arty copies of  a recipe on the front, and a story about it on the back.
I had a bunch of Mexican recipes of my moms that I wanted to use, but it was too expensive to print out so many color copies, so I squished them onto one sheet, on both sides.  Feel free to copy and print the recipes for yourself, if you'd like!

So now I am all caught up on all my commitments and I can concentrate on cleaning up the shop and adding new shelving that I am desperate for. Then I need to tidy up the house and get some major gardening done before I leave for Florida.  I am hoping to have enough time to finish some bronze and copper clay projects before I go.  I have been working on making several avante garde rosaries and I can take the projects with me and finish them when I am away, but all the kiln work needs to be done before i go.


Marilyn Rock said...

Great card filled with cool elements; love your ring, too! Good luck with the new job.....Best always - Marilyn

Anonymous said...

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Joanne Huffman said...

Love the ring! Love your take on steam punk. I, too, am currently caught up on all swap commitments and am breathing a sigh of relief (not counting the photo art journal pieces that are due soon because, somehow, they are different). It's going to be a while before I sign up for more. I'm still hoping to be able to visit you when you're working.

jan said...

What a cool fork ring! I could see one done for a cuff.

Anonymous said...