Friday, April 09, 2010

lucky week!

First, Today my son SKYLAR graduated from the New York Academy of Dramatic Art.
We are very very proud of him.   Sky spent 5 years in the US Marines and then returned from Iraq to pursue his true passion - acting.   He landed several speaking roles in TV and feature films in L.A., and then he ventured to New York to fine hone his craft.
He's a really incredible and unique singer, too.
Congratulations Sky - Now GO OUT AND BREAK A LEG, son.
He's such a cutie.
on another note......
I love contests..before the internet  "contesting" was my hobby...I even subscribed to a "contest" bulletin and i sent in zillions of sweepstakes entries a month......and i won lots of prizes too!   from childrens toys, a years supply of pepsi, clothes, an electric knife - even cash!
sooooo.  i love to enter internet contests and giveaways......i don't usually win, but when i do- i tend to do it in multiples!
this week I won:

This was from Crafters Cafe.  This is a book i really I am stoked!
Then,  the sent me this notice:

This Months Winners

yep- i won $10 worth of their fabulous bead PATTERNS.  I chose patterns from Silverhill Designs.  
I chose a pattern called "Heart of Fire" Earrings, "Queen of the Nile" Necklace, and "Peacocks Pride" amulet bag.
...and then today, this!

Studio Saturday with Jangles

Welcome to Studio Saturday! Each week one of our contributors gives you a sneak peek into their studio, creative process or inspirations. We ask a related question of our readers and hope you'll leave comments! As an incentive we offer a free prize each week to bribe you to use that keyboard. The following week we choose a random winner.
Last weeks winner is Connie. Congratulations you've won one of Lynn's pewter medallion medal charms .
Woohoo! I won a pewter medallion charm made by Lynn, from last weeks Studio Saturday Blog, where a new artists presents their studio and the new art they are working on.  Lynn has two etsy shops with great pewter, copper and resin art.
Studio Saturday is a part of Artbead Scene blog, and this blog hosts several contests...Jennifer at Jangles also has her own giveaway every friday.

I think I should go out and buy some lottery tickets... what a week!


Beth Bricker said...

Yeah! for Skylar. The Marines!!!!! Then a graduate of a dramatic arts school, New York no less!You should be a proud momma.Congratulations to both of you.
I guess I need to enter more contests what a lucky week!

jackie said...

Hurray for Skylar! I still remember watching him on the episode of "Saving Grace"! I send him warm congratulations and best of luck for future work!
And how cool that you won 2 recent contests - nice prizes!

artsyfran said...

Congrats to Skylar on realizing his dream! Break a leg! And congrats to you, too! It's fun to win contests!

Michelle Cummings said...

love his name and you are right! he is cute! congratulation on winning that book...looks good!

Marilyn Rock said...

Kudos to Skylar! Wishing him the best! Congrats on winning the book, too! xxoo

Sprite said...

Connie, I believe your Facebook account was hacked. I'm getting phishing scam emails from you and a person trying to chat with me. To fix it you need to go to the Security section of Facebook's Help Center.

Hope you are well and Congrats to both you and Skylar!


Kris Henderson said...

Wow Connie, Skylar has already achieved so much! I bet he continues to be very successful. You must be bursting with pride!!
And how fun that you are a contest junkie! What a fun thing to know about you.