Monday, January 03, 2011


Today was mow day...also start exercising again day.  while i was , uh, "working out" DH came up to the shop window and excitedly told me to grab my camera and check out the neighbors yard next the side 2 acres.
JUST LOOK at what I found!

banyan tree with neighbor's house in background
this shows where all the mushrooms are...CU's follow:
see any gnomes?

Truly a FAIRY FOREST!  Have you ever seen so many or such HUGE mushrooms?  Look at the house in the background to see the scale.  They are growing all over the roots/stump of a semi rotting banyan tree.  It looks like there are several types of mushrooms.  


kathy mc said...

I love mushrooms. These are so cool!

Joanne Huffman said...

The gnomes and fairies were obviously hiding, but the mushrooms look magical even without them.

jackie said...

Yes, very magical! I just know there are some fairies hiding in there somewhere! How sweet that DH knows the things that you get excited about!

Sue said...

I am sure that I see little hints of fairies. Very cool, Connie!

fairyrocks said...

I love these photos.
You are a phtotographer after my own heart. BTW I see fae folk