Monday, February 26, 2007

A bit of rambling

Today I did no art. I was up late last night finishing and packaging the last of my charm making (well, for now!).. Going to bed is a real favorite thing of mine lately. I find myself planning art projects and this eventually puts me to sleep. It's like my quiet , all to myself, indulgent , no interruptions time - and i can think and plan and create, all in my mind for as long as I like. I actually come up with some pretty concrete ideas, and some real losers too that turn out to be great experiments, but they worked much better in the planning stage! Sometimes I dream solutions. Does anyone else do this?

Well, I'm too lazy to transfer the pics of the new charms from my camera to the computer, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. My DH and I got up early to go into town to do some shopping (love love love that Costco!) and while we were gone the realtor showed the house to yet another prospective buyer. This is the first time I have not cleaned up my shop area for a showing. I just had too much stuff all over the place and I am in the middle of multiple projects and my sweet DH said -"don't bother!" so I very guiltily - DIDN'T! Today was mow day too, but the property is so soggy from too much rain that we have to wait until it dries out. yeah! anything to stall that trice monthly all day affair!

Here's a pic of the property, so at least you'll get to see something, although today was dreary and overcast. The blue building is the "shop". The house is actually a guest house, only 480 sq we don't have a lot of belongings in it. I am ready for a real house. you know, guest rooms, a real oven, a CLOSET, etc.
hmmm...some people on horses came by and their horses pooped all over our front driveway! I was not happy. I had seen them ride by, but it wasn't until I went outside later that I SMELLED it. When they come by tomorrow (probably tourists) i'm going to tell them to CURB YOUR HORSES! haha.

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Anonymous said...

I love your little dwelling.It looks very quaint.
Is that your shop? For art?
Some of my best ideas hit me in the middle of the night. When I'm supposed to be sleeping!
kathy mc