Friday, February 23, 2007

my mama's birthday

yesterday was my mama's 85th birthday. she was born 2-22-22! Pretty magical numbers. It was the first time we celebrated her birthday - without her. 2 of my sisters and my dad got together with mom's ashes ( we are weird!) and sang to her and then had ice cream and cake. one of my other sisters went gambling - by herself....she said she said mom was going with her - and she won $250! (my mom loved to gamble). Lots of relatives emailed and all of the family celebrated mom in their own way. It seemed so normal to celebrate her and didn't feel morbid at all. I miss my mama.
Today I worked on a necklace i am determined to finish., It is made of wooden beads and golf tees on a vintage brass chain, all wired together with brass wire and embellished with glass and wood bead danglies. It is ala susan lenart kizmer.....I love her stuff! I would have finished it, but my DH came into the shop and brought me my favorite drink- an "absolute sin" (Chambord and vodka) and he had bbq-ed me a piece of salmon - so what could i do? i came inside, ate my late lunch, drank my drink - and the day was history - well, tomorrow, i guess. i'll post a pic when it's done....
It has been pouring rain here in paradise since about 3 this afternoon. lots of thunder and lightning. Monday is mow day - so i hope it dries out - i hate mowing in the mud.


Anonymous said...

Hi Connie, I remember when you lost your mother. I feel honored that flat kathy was able to visit her. love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Connie, My mother died when my girls were still babies. On her birthday, I take them on the Barbara Wright Parker Thieme Memorial Shoe Shop and Eat Out. It's fun and I figure it's a way of giving them a sense of what she would have loved to do with them if she had lived long enough. I think it's really cool that your family celebrated your mother on her day.

Artmom said...

Maybe my Mom and your Mom will celebrate their birthdays together next year - my Mom's is Feb 18, 1930 - and she died on May 6th, 2007 - I miss my Mama too - I love your poem from this month(June 07) Thanks for writing what my heart can't seem to speak yet - I haven't cried, it wells up and I push it down, I'm afraid that when I start, I won't be able to stop...I'm doing collage stuff with my Mom's journals and letters and pictures and my Dad's letters when they were dating - I'm linking you to me on my blog, I love your charms! Deb W