Friday, June 01, 2007

Hana Comes To Visit!

This week my grandbaby Hana came to visit with her mom and dad. Hana is 5. We have been going to the beach, visiting Guava Kai, and dancing in our back field! It is amazing to let oneself go and get into a 5 year old frame of mind. The imagination and energy is boundless - it certainly has shown me how out of shape i am!

Kealia Beach at 7 am

Hana in the Ocean

Hana builds a fire for Chalupa the dog. (those are african tulip blossoms for the flames)

Creek at Guava Kai

We decided this was a fairy log...

a cool grove of trees i can photoshop later!

an extremely noisy rooster who likes to crow at 1 am!

Grandpa teaches Hana gun safety


Joanne Huffman said...

Connie, this must be a wonderful visit for Hana and you and her parents. I know what a warm and gracious hostess you are. I love all the pictures, but my very favorite is Hana leaping on the beach.

artsyfran said...

So wonderful to see your grandchild. Isn't it amazing how children make us look at the workd from a different prespective and how to take ourselves less seriously? Great photos. Thanks so much! xoxo, Fran

kathy mc said...

Hanna is beautiful. I loved looking at all your pictures. You got some great shots. Having your grandchildren visit is a reminder of why you have you kids when your young! They have so much engery.

Christy Grant said...

Hana is adorable and the campfire is SOOOO creative.