Monday, June 18, 2007

New Art! New Job (maybe)

I have been pretty busy since Hana left, moping a lot, being morose about my mama and looking for a job.

Yep, it's that time of year. I always get very crazy and hate having to negotiate or say no to an employer or say yes, and then something better comes along. I've had several offers already, but nothing that has met my needs. Today i got a very promising and exciting possibility - so keep your fingers crossed for me - I'd really like to get this one!

I finally finished my Round 2 Diva Charms. Hallelujah! Here they are:

They are made from tiny wooden spools, swarovski crystals, mini dice and fine silver wire.

And I finally finished my first painting (since I was 10!). I had painted the bird and heliconia images and used that image in some mini charms, cards, etc, but had never finished it as a total painting. It has fabric and stitching on it, too. So here it is - it's 16 x 20. It incorporates many (ok - ALL!) of the techniques DJ taught me.

And this is my entry in the June "beach " Challenge lotto:

it's the 2nd in my "Morose Sisters" series. Sort of how I feel.
What else - I'm still working on my "tooth and nails" necklace. I decided to patina the silver and brass tooth components.
Really really ugly. So I am remaking them all. I used up all my silver, though, on my Diva Charms, so I ordered some more - Lord knows when it will arrive!
And I've started 2 more paintings.
And here's something silly - I love to take pictures of mouths and eyes and noses and other body parts. Hana is so expressive - what a cutie pie!


Karen Owen said...

Connie, I love the charms! And your painting and lottery piece are wonderful too. But best of all is Hana! She is so cute! I bet she's smart too. You can tell.

Karen O!

Christy Grant said...

Connie, your charms are wonderful and I LOVE your painting. So fresh and tropical.

Darya said...

Love your charms! I'm wishing I had joined this round!

I've got my fingers crossed for you to get the job you want. I was just wondering what your next project was gonna be. A local station has picked up Hidden Palms, and Cynthia and I have been watching it!

Big Hugs,

jaonne huffman said...

Connie, you know I LOVE the painting (I'm currently invesitgating framing options). The charms reflect your wonderful artistic ability and I'm looking forward to getting one in the swap. The slide show of Hanna is a delight. I am crossing every conceivable body part in hopes you get the job you want.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chetta! Thanks for sending me to DJ's blog, you're right, her portraits are really neat! yer blog is fun, too! Good luck with the job!!

kathy mc said...

Good luck getting your job, Your charms are way cool. I'm so happy to be getting another Connie original. Love the painting. It looks familiar. Love the slideshow of Hanna. She is beautiful and very expressive. I bet you do miss her.

Angie in AZ said...

love the charms! And girl, where will this possible new job take you? Phoenix, I hope!!!

kelly snelling said...

hi, hi!! i just found you here! oh my lovely treasures have come from you to and given me miles of smiles. my mama and i both have tugged on them and worn them and oohed and ahhed over them. the morose sisters are Fabulous! their "whoopie" will be my summer holler. thank you sweetest girl for your amazing kindness to me. you have lifted me up when i surely needed a kick. xoxox!!

Karen Campbell said...

I love these charms!!

Lorri Scott said...


You certainly create more than most people when your moping around! Wish I was coming to the island soon to be able to hang out with you some but it doesn't look like I'll be over until maybe the first part of Dec. Love your charms!


Cetta said...

From one Cetta to another...

I saw your name and had to say "hi"

I, too, am Concetta - always called Cetta. I hated it as a kid when people would say, "Like the cheese?" Now *I* say it!