Monday, June 18, 2007


2/22/22 (how magical!) - 6/09/06

Mama's favorite picture of herself.

Oh mama mama mama

where are you? Why aren't you concrete? When I was a little girl and felt lost or lonely,

I could crawl up on your lap, in desperation , so needy

and you were there, you were always there - reliable. dependable. accepting.

life was secure. .. content...and snug. the world was so much smaller ... and i fit in.

But you are gone. GONE! You are really, truly ....gone.

and still -

each night i wish i hope i pray that i will catch a glimpse, a moment , a tiny nano-tingle of your presence.

That I will see you, smell you, feel you, sense you in my dreams ... so real, so soothing.

once again you will calm me, comfort me and fill me with that love, that bliss, that only a mama can give.

i wake with such peace, such joy in my soul ... i beam! i soar! i radiate! I am silly giddy breathless.

the world is A-OK all right again.

reality sucks boulders.

Me and my Mom.


Angie in AZ said...

Connie, it's hard to believe so much time has already passed since your mom passed away. What a great picture of you two! And her birthday is mine and Chuck's anniversary!

Karen Campbell said...

What a beautiful picture of your Mom! I can relate to your pain, Connie ... very touching words :)