Monday, July 16, 2007

Playing with PMC.....

I have been reworking the horse on my newest painting- I hated the layout. So I made the canvas bigger and moved the horse up - I think it's much more balanced now. Alas, no pics to show yet. is having a contest using the Makins extruder and corer. The deadline was today. I just got mine a few days ago, but decided to try it out and see if I could come up with anything. I tested all the discs and the corers with polymer clay, just to see what the contraption could do. I was impressed - way cool. Then I tool out the PMC Clay I had recently purchased, and I went to town clayin'! I made square tubes and round tubes . I twisted some, left others straight. When they were dry I cut them up into little beads. Then I extruded some PMC using a thin slit disc. I texturized both sides and added some thin thin extruded squiggles.
I also used those tiny squiggles to make a birds nest. Lastly I have had an idea for a long time called Postitive ID.. It is a necklace with a thumbprint, an eye, a DNA dbl Helix strand, and some porcelain teeth. I finally figured out how to make Photo Polymer Plates that turn out right everytime I make them - yeah! personalized molds! I also tried out my tumbler to polish all of the silver in. That was so so....I need another pound of steel shot.
So here are my pieces. They really aren't finished, but they were done enough to send in the
pics for the contest. During the next week I will finish them for real. The pics are low pixels - sorry ! i have to get the better versions off my other computer...manana!

Swirl pendant

bird nest (same old same old, only this isn't wire)

Spider with a lampworked body, onyx head swarovski crystals a fine silver hallow textured legs.

Positive I.D. necklace. Thumprint and eye both need to be enameled. Indent in eye will be white and thumbprint will be black. I will also patina it with LOS. I will be adding more home made silver beads to complete the chain. The pic shows the beginnings of this.


Darya said...

These are ALL very cool, Connie! But my favorite is the birds nest!


joanne huffman said...

Connie, I knew your pmc work would be wonderful, and I was right! My only complaint is that I can't really enlrge the photos. I really want to see more details, especially with the spider and ID pieces. I may have to get an extruder.

christy grant said...

These PMC pieces are incredible! Awesome work!

Angie in AZ said...

OMG Connie, your pieces are stunning! And hey, since you will be stateside for AU, any chance of hoppin' a plane over?

kathy mc said...

You have become a master at jewlery making. These are stunning pieces. Good luck with your new job.

shirleymcc said...

Oh my goodness - these pieces are just beautiful!!!! The nest is amazing in the silver.
That is wonderful news about your new job, too!

kelly snelling said...

these are absolutely fabulous!! it looks like you are having a total blast with PMC. kudos!! and i hope you have a great time in l.a.