Monday, July 09, 2007

Shibori tissue, fusings, Master Cleanse

ok here are the pics I promised. I call this "shibori tissue". It is made with techniques that my friend and very talented fiber artist, Lorri Scott, taught me at the kauai retreat, only i used tissue paper instead of silk. my examples turned out sort of glossy because the left over cheapo christmas wrap tissue paper i used had one side sort of waxy satin shiny. i liked it! i kept that side out when doing the process. I used these really cool metallic acrylic inks that I picked up - the colors are yummy- and thinned lumierre and acrylic paints. The pattern created looks like butterfly or dragonfly wing veining. It would be way cool for fairy wings, too.
here's a whole sheet

this is a close up. I used 4 layers of tissue to make one sheet - you need the extra tissue to give it strength. Note: when using metallic paints, the color goes thru, but not the metallic part. The left side is the non metallic side.

This is a sheet with acrylic glaze and fibers added. It's hard to see the pattern in this photo.
I made the shibori tissue for a technique swap i was in. Originally I wanted to use DJ's Pettitt fuse technique, with a variation of attaching the fibers and threads with bondaweb instead of tar gel. That part went well. But instead of tar gel I thought i was clever to use acrylic glaze medium. WRONG! When I went to fuse iron it, it wouldn't dry and stuck to the parchment paper. It did finally dry, and here is the result:

I wasn't thrilled with it. It would have been cut up into ATC sized pieces. This is a close up:
What an insult to DJ!So I made the shibori paper instead!

My present from my DH arrived - a beautiful heat press! Unfortunately they sent the protective platten covers separately. I couldn't use it because what i was using it for was very messy. The covers finally arrived on Friday. This is the first fusing of a painting I am working on. It is so easy to do! The tar gel fuses with the fabric and the paints and the painting becomes flat and smooth. You can throw anything on it - sequins, threads, fabric bits - most anything that is squashible. I will probably do three fusings, and then one final top paintjob. Then I will stitch all over it. This is a work in progress, and I will post as i progress.....
It is for my sister. She loves tulips and disneyland, so the castle is from a photo of the fantasy castle in Florida. It will get more flowers and a different fabric framing the picture. There is also a one legged rooster (a joke between her and I) a flying red horse (which is her) and a white owl (which is our mama). So I still have a lot of painting to go. But this layer was fused in my heat press and I LOVE that machine. SOOOOOOO much easier and more accurate than an iron. I got a Swingman heat press and the hot upper platten swings out so you can work flat. Way COOL!
This is a close up, first wash of color over line drawings. hmmmm. i may decide to turn it into a purse!

On another note - today is the 15th - the last - day of my Master Cleanse. It has been an experience - and I feel great - lots of energy! I never thought I'd make it that many days, but I had a lot of support from my DH. The next 2 days will be only fresh orange juice, then I add fresh fruits and vegetable soup......and then i can eat normal, but i need to take it slow. I also have been sleeping incredibly sound and have had amazing dreams. I feel very blissful.

I have also been working on little houses for the skyline swap - i'm still experimenting with what i am going to do, so i have nothing to show yet......


Joanne Huffman said...

I absolutely LOVE your papers (I even like the one you hate). I am so getting a heat press in the future.

Lorri Scott said...

How cool that you are using the shibori dye technique! I like what you did on the papers.


kathy mc said...

Your papers are wonderful. What fun. Love the piece you made for your sister. I bet she loves it too. I always enjoy your blog.