Sunday, August 12, 2007

Family Reunion and other such things.....

Sheesh! I can't believe it's been sooooo long since I posted!

Work is actually a lot of fun....the hours have been pretty good, but the work itself is intense. For those of you who don't know, i am working on the TV series Jericho.

Talk about coincidences - when I first arrived in LA I chose to fly into Burbank. My plane was delayed an hour. Then I went to pick up a rental car, but I accidently went to "preferred customer" Avis, instead of the rental area for ordinary folk like me. The girl said it was OK, she would get me the rental car anyway. Once in my car, I decided to put on some make-up so i wouldn't be a total slob when I went to meet my friend who was letting me stay in his house. Next to me I see a man getting in and out of the vehicle next to me. When he turns around - OH MY GAWD! It's my brother in law! It turns out he and my sister had flown in from Alabama for some convention in orange County my sister had to attend. I didn't even know they were going to be in town. ....a bit more than just a coincidence, I say........

Skylar ( who I called to come and join us), me, my brother in law Frank, and my sister Marianne at a spur of the moment quickie reunion dinner at In-N-Out.

Last weekend we had a family reunion in Oxnard, Ca. We had over 150 people attend, and it was a blast. We are a huge Mexican family, but instead of the usual Mexican fare, we went hawaiian luau instead. It was catered - but we all supplied salads, salsa's and tortillas. My family(Rinaldo), the Caudillo Family, and the Romero family, and the Cervantes', hosted it. We are the "out of towners" and it was our turn. There was a jolly jump for the kids, a pinata - of course, cake walk, water balloon throw, and bingo. There was also a silent auction, raffle baskets, and door prizes!

Vincent (mine), Jameson, Jeffrey, Skylar (mine), Dad, Francesca, Joshua, Allyson and Brittany.
Lord knows where Matthew wondered off to. Other Grandkids - Jennifer (having a baby TODAY!), Nicole and Jackie couldn't attend the picnic.

My moms sisters and brothers. Top row- Aunt Josie, Aunt Hedy. Bottom Row - Aunt Siba, Aunt Rose, Uncle Richard and Uncle Peter. Aunt Alice was there, but missed the picture. Uncle Bobby couldn't attend. My mom was one of 11 children.
I won a porcelain baby doll (door prize) and a wonderful "relaxation" basket, made by my cousin.
All 4 of my sisters and my brother were there as well as my Dad.....and my son Vincent brought his girlfriend, Christina, for me to meet.

Skylar, Me, Mikie and Vincent

Vincent and Christina
Later that evening we went over to my Aunt Alice's for dinner and a surprise 50th birthday party for my sister Teresa.

On Friday, my nephew Jameson and his girlfriend Lara joined me at work to watch the filming - it was their first time on a set and they got to see a more animated side of me.

Oh - PMC Supply also notified me that I was a finalist in their PMC extruder contest, and I sent them my PMC spider for the final judging. I still haven't heard yay or nay yet.

I have done zilch art work since coming to LA - so nothing to post - I have 3 projects coming due soon, so I need to get's hard to do when you are not in your regular art surroundings.....


Joanne Huffman said...

Connie, it's so good to see a posting from you. I love the photos you posted. The reunion looks like a very big production and a lot of fun.

Darya said...

I hope your PMC spider wins! It was certainly worthy!

I didn't know you were working on Jericho! Cool!

You look like you had a great time with your family, both reunions! LOL! What a wonderful coincidence!


Angie in AZ said...

Sounds like you are having a great time state-side! And what great news about the contest! We'll all wait on pins and needles with you! I thought of you while at AU's vendor day when I saw this big glass eyeball necklace! LOL! Wish you had been here! But it's hotter than Hades here right now... and humid to boot! YUK!

shirleymcc said...

What fun! I want to come to your family reunion instead of my own.
Congrats on the spider entry - I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

kathy mc said...

It's great to hear from you. I've missed your posts. What a wonderful surprise to see your sister and BIL. Where in Alabama do they live? The pictures of your family reunion are wonderful. Good luck with PMC spider.

kecia said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! i use to live in ventura (and my sister is still there!)