Monday, September 03, 2007

L.A. weather SUCKS boulders....and a few "Up To The Deadline Projects" completed...

Well- the weather here in Los Angeles has been HOT HOT HOT! On Friday night, after a long day at work I came home to a dark and roasting house. The power was out and was not restored until late Sat afternoon. It was miserable - and I couldn't use my printer or scanner or wash clothes or iron. I could only go to the cool mall and shop and play with my computer at Starbuck's. ....heh, heh
- i am so spoiled..........

Work is still going. I'm on my last episode - so i should see the balmy shores of Kauai in about a month...3 weeks here and a week with my Dad. .....i can't wait.....LA is just NOT my city anymore - but I have had a blast with my son Sky.

I've been too tired to be inspired to do much artwork, but I had 2 "Carnivale Mystere" Tarot cards due - so here they are:


The 8 of Pentacles
...and these are my Skyline Houses. Basically they are all the same, just hand tinted different colors. The backs are hard to see, but they are cockroaches. I called them "Tacky Towers" as the street address.

Well, I've got a busy prep week ahead of me ....and then back to gun battles and blowing up things!


The Back


joanne Huffman said...

Way cool tcky towers. And, the Tarot cards are cool (some day somebody must explain Tarot cards to me, I just look at the pictures and enjoy the art). When I don't have power and/or internet for my computer, head for Panera or Barnes & Noble. Stay as air-conditioned as possible.

Anonymous said...

Hey Connie! Great to see your recent art! The Tarot cards are so cool! And I love your Tacky Towers! Did you actually cut out each architectural element? How many did you make? Awesome work! I know you'll be glad to get back home!

kathy mc said...

Hi Connie, its good to hear from you. Being without cool air is not fun. Your Tarot cards are very, very cool. And your houses really rock. I hope I get one in the swap. Your art is just too cool for words. Enjoy your last weeks in LA.

shirleymcc said...

Gosh, Connie,
I can't imagine how long it took you to make your incredible towers!
I hope you get some cooler weather soon, or at least some air conditioning!