Monday, September 24, 2007

FLYING GECKO...more adventures with my wild and crazy DH

CH701 "STOL Aircraft" (short take off/landing)
Various pics of the plane we want that others have built
My DH has recently become interested in a small sport aircraft you build yourself. (yes, the motorcycle mania has worn off - on to newer and more dangerous things...who'd have thought?)It seats 2, is all aluminum can take off in 50 ft, land in 90 ft and cruises at 90 MPH. It also has an emergency parachute that brings the plane down at 10 MPH. It requires a "sports" pilot license, which is 20 hrs instead of the usual 40, plus ground school. He had decided he would wait until we moved to the mainland to purchase the kit and to build it at the factory's Calif outlet/hangar, where they rent
you space and lend you the tools. ...and then.......

He tripped across this little beauty,
just newly built with only a few hours of flight time - it was in its beginning process of being certified. The talented gentleman and his wife, who built it, are forced to sell their baby for financial reasons. The wife is an artist and the idea of a "flying gecko" came to her in a dream. It is sold, but the seller informed us yesterday that the new owners still haven't paid for it, so the deal might fall through...
.........and if it does, the "Flying Gecko" (how appropriate for us is that?) will be ours!
Keep your fingers crossed!


Joanne Huffman said...

It is a cool idea and the gecko plane would be perfect for you. Does it fly 2 people? Could you fly to one of the other islands? How do you take posession if you get the gecko?

shirleymcc said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Angie in AZ said...

ok, I know I'm late commenting on this but don't I remember that your dh has "issues" with flying? So what's with the plane?