Monday, October 08, 2007

I'm home ...and some exciting news......

I'm home - finally! I spent the last 10 days at my dear dad's house. Together with two of my sisters, my nephew and his girlfriend, we moved the packed boxes of my mom's memorabilia and collectibles into storage. We also cleared the clutter and cleaned my dad's house so he can now put the house on the market. He has found a wonderful "air force" retirement village in Fairview near Travis Air Force base. It is a gorgeous place with an incredible restaurant and lots of things for him to do.
....on another note, remember that PMC Extruder contest I entered? Well PMC Supply emailed me that they were not announcing the winners until Oct 3rd, when the winning pieces would be pictured in Art Jewelry magazine. Well the 3rd came and went and I heard nothing. So I figured since they hadn't emailed me anything, I didn't win. Also, my DH said nothing came for me from PMC Supply. (I was expecting at least my piece to be returned to me) I went to several places in LA to try and find the magazine, but i wasn't successful. When I came home today, I found a small package from PMC Supply. It was my returned spider (thanks for the info, dear husband!) ...with I note -
I WON FIRST PRIZE! $300 in supplies from PMC SUPPLY) and...
I am so excited! I still haven't found the magazine, but I will go to Borders tomorrow....
Here's the pic they sent me on a disc:


Joanne Huffman said...

YES!!!!! Well deserved congratulations.

Darya said...

I'm so excited for you Connie! Congrats! SO deserving!


dejavucreations said...

Woo hoo, congratulations Connie! Another diva crown shines brightly.


Lorri Scott said...


I'm glad you're back home! And what a welcome surprise! I love the spider and you deserve to win! Congrats!


christy grant said...

That is the prettiest spider I've ever seen! Congratulations, Connie!

kelly snelling said...

CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! that is so, so exciting, connie!! congratulations!!!!!


Pat de Verre said...

Bonjour Connie,
It is the only spide I can see without
Amazing work, you deserve to win

Pat de Verre said...

Bonjour Connie,
Thank you for visiting my blog. Most of my messages are bilingual but you also have a button " Babel fish ". I count you in my give-away list of OWOH and please count me in your drawing. Your work is fantastic and it would be a pleasur to win one of your glass heart. I am a glass bead One of my dream is visiting Hawaï, one of this day (but the wild face of your country not the touristic places)I add a link to your blog on mine. See you soon.
A bientot