Saturday, October 20, 2007

goth chains

I have been playing with rebar wire and made 2 chains that I actually completed (well, sort of). The first one I put my "tooth and nails" on, the 2nd one will eventually get a brass etched heart lock, with a key hanging off of it. Neither one has the patinas evened out - both have dremel polishing marks still on them that need to be darkened.
Goth Tooth and Nails necklace
Goth Victorian Heart necklace (the lock will go in the center of the heart and the key will dangle beneath)
I am working on a different necklace now. It has fire opal swarovski crystals, copper bees and brass spoons with amber colored glass tear drops (they're supposed to be honey drops). It is turning out very odd. I am going to string it on a brass chain, or else I'm thinking of cutting out brass sheet in honeycomb like hexagons to be chain links. That sounds a bit too complicated, but we'll see if I can pull it off!


joanne huffman said...

I love your necklaces. The tooth and nail one is fun and the hear one is somehow gothicly sentimental.

Angie in AZ said...

Wow Connie, these are cool! Love how you did the chain. Where the heck did you get the teeth? What did you use to drill holes in them? I keep telling my boys I'm going to make a charm bracelet out of their teeth as they lose them and they think I'm so gross! LOL! Max is ready to lose his first tooth and he plans to have his teacher pull it Monday. He's convinced she has a magic touch for teeth pulling since she's pulled numerous teeth of his friends and they swear she does it painlessly and the teeth just pop out. Anyway... love the necklaces!

kathy mc said...

This is awesome Connie!