Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mow day

Lance on his super mower and egrets
Yesterday was mow day. It only takes about 2 hrs now that lance has his new super mower, but the clean up of the yard - which is my job! - takes me about 3 hrs. Since I have been gone, it was especially in bad shape. Lance did what he could, but combined with the mowing, it is an impossible task for just one person. The palm trees shed their fronds continually and they are heavy and dirty. So I picked up as best I could. During the week I will have to set aside a few days to pick up pine needles, trim hedges, thin the heliconias, etc.
...and pick up all of the fronds he let stack up between the groves.......
i mow too. I have the old craftman rider mower. it gwets into all the tight spaces. it's my job to mow all theedges of the property. the mower works as a blower to clean the edges too. I love mowing. it is very meditative and i can sing out loud badly because it is so loud i think no one can hear me. (my husband says i am wrong). i also plan art projects because mowing requires very little concentration.
Here are some pics from yesterday.

A cleaned grove


More Egrets

Snail they get to be 6" long and have voracious appetites!

what a sky!


Joanne Huffman said...

Great photos! I love the egrets helping Lance mow. And for some reason, I'm hungry for a banana.

Angie in AZ said...

Lord have mercy... how much property do you have for it to take so long to mow and clean up! YIKES! But wow, is it ever beautiful! And bananas in your yard? How cool! I'd just love getting to see all those birds in my yard every day!

Darya said...

You are truly living in Paradise! Love the bananas! Are they edible?