Friday, October 12, 2007

Digital Photos - don't look if you don't like naked

I have been playing with Paint Shop Pro. I have paint shop pro 7 and decided to upgrade to 10. But 10 is not similar enough to 7 for me to be able to figure it out. it came with a book - but i prefer to navigate on my own, crash get lost and eventually, out of desperation, i will ask for help. For now, i have just gone back to Paint Shop Pro 7, because it will do what i want it to do. So much for upgrades. Here are 2 digitally altered photos - my style of course!

This one is called "moonlit butte"

...and this one is "3 moons at dawn"
I am going to print this one out and try to paint it!


joanne huffman said...

These are wonderful; both the 2 moons and the 3 moons (hey, you used the pun first). I look forward to seeing the painting you're going to make.

Darya said...

Very cool, Connie! Can't wait to see how they paint up!


Angie in AZ said...

Connie, these are great! I love the light reflection on top of the body... it looks just like the moon is really shining down! How cool! Leave it to you to think of doing this! LOL!