Sunday, October 14, 2007


That is Lance and I's favorite quote. It is what motivated us to first move to Kauai and for me to start doing art again......
On Wednesday my DH took me for a motorcycle ride. We only went up the road a few miles and then back home. I hadn't been on a motorcycle in over 30 years. It was scary! I had to pay attention and hold on tight. My hands went numb and I was sure I was going to splat all over the pavement. My back ached from trying to keep myself upright. ....So today my DH wanted to go on another ride - this time all the way to Lihue (about 40 minutes) and back. I didn't want to go...I pleaded, made up lots of excuses - it was just too nerve racking the time before. But he conned an d cajoled me into it anyway, and I reluctantly went. I tried not to think about my fears and apprehensions - and after a while I found myself daydreaming, getting lost in my thoughts, watching the clouds whip by as a domed reflection in his black helmet. It was a GLORIOUS day. It rained a bit, a cool refreshing rain, and over the course of the ride, there were 3 (yes THREE!) beautiful rainbows, cobalt blue ocean and white ginger fragrancing our path. We stopped for lattes at Starbucks and headed back home. It was an incredible ride, totally exhilarating! We hope to make it an early morning Sunday tradition!

It was a lesson for me - I don 't like risk and and I especially don't like stepping out of my comfort zone -

But the rewards of acting bold can be so worth it!

Tomorrow is mow day. Back to the grindstone!


Joanne Huffman said...

...and yet I think of you as being so adventurous and full of bold moves. How cool that you could lose yourslef in the moment and enjoy the ride with Lance. Sometimes it has to pay to live in Paradise.

Delfina said...

Good for people to know.