Friday, November 02, 2007

Look what i won!

I belong to a terrific yahoo group called " " and the moderators hosted a treasure hunt contest. The group is supported by wonderful vendors and prizes are given for contests as well as art challenges. Anyway, clues were given each day and you had to follow them to various vendors websites and find the described object. I was the
2nd Place Winner!
This very creative paper mache' purse is just stuffed full of goodies for our 2nd Place Winner: Connie Williams! Congratulations!!

Look at all the cool stuff I won! It's valued at over $100! I am so thrilled!
There will be a new contest for New Years - to join, see the link above.
This is the blog associated with the group:


christy grant said...

Way to go, Connie! You are on a roll! How fun. Good for you and enjoy.

Darya said...

How fun! you need to play the lottery, you lucky girl you!