Friday, February 08, 2008

UHU Review

This is a more in depth review of UHU 2 part epoxy. I used the epoxy to hold the bails on my pendants. I used the epoxy on my first glass pendants back on Nov. 28th. Yesterday i pulled on one of these bails and it came off easily. But this is not the epoxy's fault.... my BAIL i had made was inferior and the receiving glass had not been sanded to allow a proper receiving edge, as in the instructions. (lesson - DO NOT CUT CORNERS!) I had made bails out of pmc paper. This time I used aanraku ready made bails that were much heavier and also had a well to hold the glue. I roughed up the back of the glass where the bail was to go with a bit of sand paper. i also CAREFULLY measured the proportions of the 2 part epoxy. I applied the epoxy thickly and clamped the bail to the pendant with a small paper clamp. I cleaned up excess wet epoxy with nail polish remover. I allowed this to dry for 24 hrs. After unclamping the next day, the pendants were very stinky. After three days, the epoxy smell was gone! Three weeks later I pulled on a bail HARD and it would not come off. If you would like to receive full size samples of UHU adhesives, please follow this link!
I don't usually use any glue to hold my glass/metal componets together, so this was quite an experiment for me. I gave 2 of the pendants to my sisters, who are actively wearing them so if the bails have any problems I will have the feedback. So far, so good! UHU 2 part epoxy was simple to use and appears quite strong!