Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is the last painting I did - over 30 years ago, until i started painting again last year. (thank you DJ!) I found it amongst my mothers things when i was cleaning out her house. She used to have it on the fireplace wall in the family room when she lived in San Jose. She loved odd.
I have been working on a tote ala DJ Pettitt, who has been so kind to tutor me. However, it is turning out very similar to a bird painting I did a while back......so much for stepping out of the box! Here are some photos of the project in various stages.

Front images- playing with the layout....
Back image
I've finally finished the art work and am ready to assemble the whole thing.
Here's the finished art work
This is the front This is the back
The bird still needs a pearl sewn on that it will be holding in it's beak) . I will probably coat the whole thing with polymer medium and stick it in the heat press because this will give it a durable sort of washable finish.......
...and this is the lining. The inside will have two compartments and a zippered pocket. I thought I had a lot of zippers around, but I couldn't find any!....so now the project is on hold until i get a 6" zipper. Then it will be sewn together, grommets added for the straps and will have a magnetic closure.
I'm making a second one too. I hope it turns out way different. No birds, no flowers. I'm doing an "under the sea" version.
I have also been working on a very odd project that I just finished, but no pics until I send it to the recipient who would look first if i posted it. THAT'S YOU JOANNE!
..on another note - I am having a real problem painting "free" as in "free form". When I took DJ's painting class, she just paints - you know, slaps the paint anywhere, let's it dry, puts on more paint, builds layers. Her art turns out gorgeous. It is sort of realistic Picasso. You can see immediately the flower is a tulip, but it is done with a minimum of strokes and they are painted boldly and quickly. They are not stuffy or burdened with precision. Yet the look perfect. Even her free motion sewing enhancements again are not exact, but they look great. I'm not trying to imitate DJ, I know I have my own style.....and when i illustrate using colored pencils or ink, or even with collage, i find myself very free and outside the box. but painting - my painting and free motion sewing turns out like i am trying too hard. It is very old lady like and stiff and locked up ...well... i just have a terrible time coloring outside the lines.......
yikes? ..... a carry-over from kindergarten?


DJ said...

You know Connie, it's interesting to hear you say that you feel stiff and contrived when painting. Those are the exact words that I used to describe myself when I was first learning to paint. What has helped me is just what you are doing... not being afraid to experiment, and being aware that you want to loosen up. I think I naturally have old lady syndrome, but with lots and lots of practice, I have retrained myself! Or at least am working on it. I wish I had photos of some of the crafts that I did years ago (pre painting and pre computers). I remember making these punched tin things on pizza pans, and embellishing them with a tiny, tight ball of dried flowers and a little bow at the top. Ugh... talk about contrived and staying in the lines.
Can't wait to see the finished tote!

Anonymous said...

Of course I would be looking for my prize!!!! I love your tote. I'm trying to screw up my courage to try making a purse. Hmmm, do I need a heat press? I think you are the only one in the world who would accuse you of doing anything "old lady like."


kathy mc said...

You are a great artist Connie. Love your tote.

Rice said...

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