Sunday, March 02, 2008

My Contribution to "Pink Artist"...finally!

For some reason I thought my fabric square for the "Pink Artist" event, to benefit Breast Cancer, wasn't due until the March 8th, but i was wrong! It was due March 1st - so I had to hustle. I wanted to cover the photo with vinyl and stitch - but for the likes of me I couldn't get my sewing machine to sew thru all the layers on something so tiny. So instead I did a tape transfer transparency - only I ended up not removing the paper.
This is my 2" x 2" creation - a celebration of my mother:
And this is the accompanying card that explains my intentions.


Joanne Huffman said...

Connie, this is such a beautiful tribut to your mother. You should make copies of this to share with your siblings.


Welcome to said...

Connie it's turned out just beautiful and what a wonderful tribute to your mother. Thank you again for sharing the link to the pink Artists.

jackie said...

Wow, Connie! Your "Pink Artist" piece is stunning!! I love the beading and image and the card is beautiful! Your mother would be so proud of you!
I am also in love with your gorgeous tote! Lovely work!!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Hi Connie,

I'm in love with your square! What a wonderful contribution to the Pink Artists doll and way to honor your mother. I'm honored to be working with you on this project.

Your square is safe & sound, I'm updating it now to our parade you can see it shortly on page 3 of the squares.

An updated post has been made on the doll, please stop by. I'm going to take next week off to work on our doll during Spring Break. Please check in on the 17th to see the progress.

Your square is an amazing work of art all to itself. I'm so glad we 'met' this way. I truly believe all of our loved ones are guiding us through this project in spirit.

Love & blessings, Monica :)

inventivesoul said...

WOW! lovely!

I am really impressed with a lot of what you have recently posted.
That doll your friend sent to you is such a generous and kind gift. I can see the love that she has for you wrapped up in that gift.

The picture of your mom is adorable.