Monday, March 03, 2008


Today I had a "playdate" with myself. No DH. No Dog. No Girlfriends. .....I felt guilty going off alone without having something I "must" accomplish - but my DH insisted that I should do it.
So I did. I thought I would have a photo safari and for once i could take my time and wander wherever i wanted to .
I went to my favorite beach - Kealia. It was an amazingly gorgeous day and the beach was no exception. That deep cobalt blue ocean that only happens on Kauai. I parked the car on one end and since today was "exercise" day, I left my stuff in the car and went on a run, armed only with a plastic bag to put found treasures in and my camera. My camera? My camera? Where's my camera? Oh great - i HAD FORGOTTEN MY CAMERA. I had hoped to cross the road over to a wonderful cemetery with lots of stone angels, but that was pointless now. Unbelievably idiotic..... So I'm sorry to say there won't be any pictures of this adventure....
I hiked along the beach anyway about a mile and then I stopped to look thru driftwood. I came across a pile of wood that someone had "dumped". It was long pieces and veneer pieces and blocks of beautifully grained hardwood - obviously leftover cuts from someone's house installation. I put as many as i could into my bag and then loaded up my arms with the long pieces and then trudged all the way back to my truck ...was I nuts? Then I picked up my beach chair, towel and tote and headed to my favorite swimming spot next to the rocks.
The beaches on Kauai have no smell - probably because there is NO seaweed. So you won't find that familiar beachy scent here. I immediately went in to the water to cool off...i love to float on my back and just let myself drift (today was perfect - no waves at all!)......
Anyway, just out past the rocks, maybe 100 ft from me - is a pod of maybe 50 of them! ...and they are jumping in tandem, like rows of Busby Berkeley chorus girls kicking their legs, only it's their whole bodies, glistening silver and blue, sailing thru the air..... unbelievable! marvelous!
I got out of the water and got my binoculars so I could watch them closer. It was such a thrill to witness them having so much fun.
I spent about 4 hrs at the beach total - munching on my picnic lunch and sipping my icy lemon water. lots of watching, reading, writing, collecting, observing. I came home a bit burnt I'm sorry to say - but it was a very relaxing and soul soothing experience.
No where to go, no one to see, nothing to get done. A perfect day!


ren said...

wow, what a wonderful day... it's still quite cold here, but when it warms up i plan on having days like these too, exploring and just 'being'... yesterday was unusually warm and there were lots of people out, but today we're back to cold and it's raining... i do love the rain too... i miss the beach, but i love the woods around here too. go connie :-)

Joanne Huffman said...

What a wonderful day! I'm still in the land of ice and snow, so I had great vicarious pleasure reading of your beach adventures.