Wednesday, March 05, 2008

....skull and crows

Today I had to go to our local dump and empty our trash. We'd had fresh alaskan king crab about a week ago, so the carcasses had gotten pretty ripe. We don't have pick up service in our neighborhood, so you take your trash to the "refuse depository" which is actually a huge chute that they drive a garbage truck under and then you throw your trash down the giant chute and it falls right into the bed of the truck. When i got there a sign was up that said "no dumping" and there were red cones around the chute. Other people were there dumping their garbage, so I looked for the garbage man who oversees the dump, but he wasn't in his office....The chute was almost overflowing, and I could hear someone working on it from down below - so I guess it was broken and they were trying to fix it....but geesh, I couldn't head back home with those disgusting cans of rotting I grabbed my stinky trash barrels and dumped them anyway - and then I hightailed it to my truck and sped away........
Sorry sorry sorry - that was more info than you needed to know. Just so your visit here isn't a total waste, here are a few pics of a necklace I slapped together while I waited for yet another coat of resin to dry on my "ugly necklace". The peyote stitched tubes I had already made but never used, so I just strung them on memory wire with mini dice, porcelain crows and a raku porcelain skull with a few amethysts. The clasp is a glass dichroic cabochon that has been beaded. My DH wants to know why everything I make lately seems so goth and/or morbid.
I have no clue what he is referring to.

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Joanne Huffman said...

Skulls and crows Goth and morbid?

Very cool necklace.
And, I'm looking forward to seeing your ugly necklace.