Saturday, May 10, 2008


I was blog hopping and went to visit artist Moon Willow and came across the most amazing discovery she made. Thank You Thank You Thank You! You may already know this, but I did not. Ya know how when you use the aluminum foil the roll always jumps out of the carton at the wrong time and then it tears uneven or gets smashed on the edges and then you've ruined the roll? Well there is a tab on either end to LOCK IN THE ROLL! Yes it's true. I read this out loud to my DH and he said "No way - I would have seen that!" so we went to check-and sure enough - there ARE tabs that lock it in - and they are on the saran wrap too! (but not the wax paper or the parchment) How could we have missed this? why don't the advertise it? is it new? who reads the ends of the box? (obviously in all of my AND my DH's years years years of working with this stuff - we have never).
ok the bad news. My DH took the roll of foil that was already out of the box and separated from it's carton. First he had to tape the box up again - this happens when the roll falls out and you attempt to catch it, but instead break the box, either by accident or frustration. Anyway, then he put the roll back in and pressed in the two side tabs. VOILA - the roll now did not come out! Unfortunately, he put the roll in upside down, so now it won't roll and the darned tabs won't come out so we can't free it so it will release the foil...... Sigh.


Joanne Huffman said...

Well, I sure never knew this either. I wonder what else I've missed in the pantry.


SN said...

Well geez louise I never knew this either, thanks for sharing! maybe between you and Moon willow this best kept seceret can be shared the world over LOL

Karen Owen said...

Ain't life grand?


kathy mc said...

Thanks for sharing this Connie. I never knew. I wonder how long they have been doing this? I'm going to check it out right now!

Sherry G. said...

Well, I just checked my rolls and I'll be damn, there those little boogers are - right on each side! I'm with you Connie . . .how in the heck did I miss THAT?! LOL Thanks for sharing with us :-)