Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm in LA...B & W Charms

I am in LA now, working. I found a nice place to stay about 4 miles from work! I've only found Aaron Bros. Art Mart near by, but I have a Mall , Sees, Target and Trader Joe's close - Tito's Taco's is 1 mile and next to it is Johnny's Pastrami -what more could i ask for! Beach is about 2 miles - evenings are nice and breezy and cool, and my roommate is a delight! I can only blog periodically, as work is all consuming, and once i start shooting (next Tuesday) i will use all of my spare time to sleep!....but if you email me personally I will answer you - just not immediately.
I finished some Black and White Charms for a swap with Amber Dawn. Not my best work - I had a hard time with the resin i used. I coated both sides and let them dry days in between, but when I packed them into baggies and took them to LA with me to enclose on cards and put rings on then mail, some of them flattened a bit and lost the high gloss shine. They look ok, just not to my satisfaction. I also, for the life of me, could not get my hand to cooperate with opening the split rings I wanted to attach, so i just made steel rings and included a separate split ring so that swappers could attach it if they wanted to. The charms are 2 sided, mostly eyeballs and pregnant women, but a few other images are thrown in because the other eyeball ones had the epoxy distorted too much.
I also have some mica charms due soon, so i will plan them today and make them next weekend. I'll post when they are finished.The Charms.....Art Cards to go with them (yikes! sorry for the blur)


Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool charms.


jackie said...

Connie, your charms are lovely! So glad to hear from you and know that you're settled in - sounds like a perfect location! I know you'll be extremely busy but hope you enjoy the job!

Stiggy said...

Hi Connie, very cool charms you made there!

My personal favourites are the bottom middle, and I love the one - top right! Great piece that!

I wish you well in LA, and please try to keep us posted - I am personally very interested in what you do over there.

Love from across the pond...


kathy mc said...

Love your charms. You always make the coolest I've seen. Have fun in LA. What show are you working on?

Darya said...

As always, Connie, your charms are WAY cool! Love 'em!

What cha working on this year?

Big Hugs,

Kelly Snelling said...

your charms look awesome! but did you HAVE to mention tito's tacos?!! oh my gosh i am drooling over here! how i miss that place. they have the best of everything. i have stood in that line for tito's more times than i can count. oh, oh, oh! now i can't stop thinking about tito's!!!

Karen Owen said...

Awesome charms, Connie!

inventivesoul said...

I am so happy to see that you are blogging again!
The hearts look fun!

I will email you over the weekend when I use a computer.

Sherry Goodloe said...

I will e-ya and remind you that you can call me anytime if you want to come out to Orange County so I can take you around to some of my favorite artsy spots! And by the way . . . . love those charms (smiles)

inventivesoul said...

They arrived yesterday!
(Saturday the 7th)
WONDERFUL and creative!

Did you get the bezels? Well, did your house in HI get them?


ren said...

Hi Connie, how you doing in LA? Hope all is fine with you!

Msquared said...

You commented on my blog a while ago and I have been too out of it to even search blogs. I have been reading yours today. You comented on my Tatting and I wanted to thank you for such kind words. Also I think this is an EXCELLENT tribute to your friend. the metal clay is some absolutely gorgeous work.