Saturday, May 03, 2008

LEAVING AGAIN! prize, newer hair, and newest earrings

Well, I took a new job in LA. I start work on May 20th, and finish on Sept. 12th - if all goes well! I will be working on "Starter Wife" a new series with the same cast as the mini series that was on TV last year. This is the first show I've done in ages that is shooting over the hill - as in Culver City, or the west side of LA. I leave in less than 2 weeks and still have no idea where i will be staying. I'll probably be with my boys until I find a room to rent or a house to sit near the studio....I know I will hate making the commute over the hill everyday if i have to permanently stay in the "valley". So keep me in your prayers that this works out!
On another note, my friend Angie (click on her name to check out her fun blog!) had a blog giveaway for beautiful journals - all you had to do was list something quirky about yourself. My quirky thing was my collecting of - er, um, roadkill pictures. Angie randomly drew three winners and I was one of them! Today i received my beautiful prize, and a postcard from Angie that she hand picked just for me:
Isn't that a hoot? Yes, that is a postcard! Where did she ever find it? Ha!ha!
OK. remember last week when I had my hair recolored after almost a year? He couldn't put the highlights in it then, it needed to "rest". So i went back on Thursday - i wanted something different - but no blond this time. He rally worked on reconditioning it too. Here are some pics - i am very pleased! Amazing how new hair can make you feel SO good!
...and here are some earrings I made. They are pretty simple - i patinaed and sealed the birds , then strung them on fine silver wire with amethysts and swarovski crystals. I am also working a a miniature rosary, but i was 2 swarovski crystals short, so I had to order more...what a bummer....Hand is doing better - still numb, but I am able to ride my back again and lift weights. Gotta get back in shape and build up my stamina for the job ahead.
Here's an update on the Pink Artist "Love Squared" doll (the doll made for Breast Cancer Research covered with 2" squares of art by hundreds of artists). Click here to see how you can win her in October.
She will be featured in Art Doll Quarterly this autumn.


Sherry G. said...

I loved that mini series and was wondering what had happened to it. I don't live anywhere near the valley or Culver City. However, when you get settled on the job and in your place, maybe we could meet halfway and I'll bring you out here to the O.C. and take you to some of my favorite shopping spots!!

I'll e-ya off line and give you my cell phone number. xoxoxo Sherry

Sherry G. said...

I forgot to add . . . LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair!!

inventivesoul said...

Cetta, your hair is BEAUTIFUL!
Congrats on the roadkill quirky prizes lol!

I didn't yet send the rusty stuff.
Do you want me to send it to you in LA so you can play with them there or in HI so that you will play with them when you get back?

I went back to the factory and got you some REALLY rusted ones this past week.

Joanne Huffman said...

Connie, Your hair is beautiful. In a strange way, the postcard Angie sent reminds me of those House Mouse stamps. The earrings are lovely. I am wearing the ones with the nest that you sent me and have received lots of compliments on them today. Hope to see you in California.


Karen Owen said...

Your hair ... wow! The roadkill ... ewwww! The earrings ... aaaah!

Stiggy said...

You're hair is fantastic!

..and WELL DONE for landing the job - it all sounds very exciting!

Love from 'across the pond'!


The Backporch Artessa said...

Earrings are wonderful, but not near as wonderful as your HAIR!!! It's beautiful! Wish I had the nerve to try it! It's stunning, and the cut is wonderful too!