Sunday, April 27, 2008

Art In A Carton News

Here are 2 cartons just about ready to go out. These two I will mail tomorrow.....
..oh, and the stitches are out of my wrist. My wrist is sore, but the hand is fully functional. Contrary to what i was convinced was the right way to baby my hand, the doctor wants me to use it as much as possible and move it all different ways. If it hurts, then I should stop - but I should really work on stretching it as much as I can tolerate. So today I drove the tractor and picked up palm fronds and gardened - and the good 'ol hand worked just fine!...a little sore, but I guess sore is good. The middle finger is still numb, however. The doctor said this may ease up totally, partially or not at all - in the future. Gee, thanks a lot. She said that since I had the problem for so long that the nerve damage might be permanent. We'll just have to wait and see. At least it doesn't ache like it used to. It doesn't wake me up a night anymore!
...and speaking about waking up at night, my DH and I bought a NEW BED! Yes, after 10 years we got a new one, with memory foam on the top.....and of course we had to buy new sheets (600 thread count! yeah!) and a bedspread, shams, skirt, etc. It is sooo comfortable - like being in a good hotel!


ren said...

looks cool :-)
I got mine too, am getting ready to send two out... don't know who the third one will be, am still looking!! good to hear your hand feels great.

Joanne Huffman said...

Good news about your hand, keep on stretching it. Dean always says there are 3 diagnoses: it will get better or it will get worse or it will stay the same. :D


Karen Owen said...

I'm glad to hear the hand works! Hopefully, the aches will subside soon and the numbness will disappear.

Karen (your cartons look intriguing!)

dejavucreations said...

Art in a carton sounds like fun! Glad to hear your hand is doing well and I hope that it continues to improve. Now about your tote ... could it be that you were thinking about all those art supplies you want to carry with you? :D


Kelly Snelling said...

I LOVE MY ART IN A CARTON!!! i've had a houseguest staying in the room where my computer lives. she just left and i ran right in here to holler at you. oh i flipped over these gorgeous beautiful creations! i cannot get over this doll you made! it blew me away! you are amazing! thank you, thank you! i will be a bit in getting my package to you. so now i am wondering if i should wait to mail it to culver city? hee, hee. maybe we should just meet in long beach? good luck with your job and finding a place on the west side. i used to live near there. you'll have a great time!