Friday, April 04, 2008

Art In A Carton...wanna play?

I am participating in an art exchange called "Art in a Carton". Today I received my first carton from Susan, the originator of the idea, in Germany. I now will send an "art in a carton" to her, to the latest dated name she sent me (in Spain!...or was it the Netherlands?) , and to another artist of my choice (who would like to play?). It is a sort of 3 for 3 swap. LOOK WHAT I GOT!the decorated carton.....and inside:
2 lovely felted balls, a tiny matchbox dresser full of cool goodies, a beautifully decorated paper cone filled with European chocolates (yum...i already ate them.....), a rubber stamp ribbon of buttons, and a gorgeous star-fold hand made book. Thank you Susan - I am thrilled!Fun, huh!?!
If you would like me to send you a carton so you can play too (it means you will be sending out 3 cartons on RULES to see all the details), just leave your name and email and I will contact you for your address.....or you can go to Susan's website and sign up with her!

Happy Arting!


Joanne Huffman said...

cool stuff. If I weren't in too many swaps now, I would consider this.


Welcome to said...

What a fun box to receive Connie, lots goodies whoohoo!

Kelly Snelling said...

i'd love to play, connie! i am always excited to Pay it Forward with my artwork. what a great idea.

ren said...

what a cool thing! I love it :-)... the little chest is lovely!

Stiggy said...

Very cool stuff Cetta!

Thanks by the way for linking my Blog - still amazed anyone would want to read my ramblings!

Best wishes from the UK!