Friday, April 04, 2008

Hana's Flat Stanley

Hana, my granddaughter, sent me her Flat Stanley from Garden Valley, CA. He gets to stay until the end of the month.
This is Flat Stanley shortly after his arrival. Below is Flat Stanley after a day in the sun. Oh no- he's all sun-burned! Here he is climbing in a banana tree.
...and this is Flat Stanley in the papaya tree. I am using this one as a post card to Hana's kindergarten class. I made Flat Stanley a waterproof body and swim trunks, so next week he can go to the beach and maybe do some surfing.


Joanne Huffman said...

Flat Stanley is obviously having the time of his life; I hope his sunburn is better :D


Kelly Snelling said...

i just showed flat stanley to my son, finnigan. he is sending his own flat stanley to his grandma in florida this week. she is going to take him to the beach, too. and then she will take him to a professional croquet court wearing with his own set of whites and a mallet. so much fun. i bet your granddaughter was so excited to see him on your blog. :0)

ren said...

flat stanley is cool! :-)