Friday, April 18, 2008

My very full week....

wow. i can't believe a whole week has gone by and i haven't blogged!
hmmm. what went on this week? My eldest (Vincent) got a phone call from the Marines saying he had been promoted to Staff Sergeant....not that he is is still active in the marines - he has been out for 2 years - but i guess you remain on inactive status for 3 years after you get out and you could be called up again....
Land of Odds notified me that my Ugly necklace was not ugly enough..... sigh! but, no worry. I already have a new idea for next year that is less horrific and hopefully, very ugly.
On Tuesday I had to go to the dr's for an ear infection that was giving me vertigo. I get vertigo a few times a year from allergies/sinus congestion that goes to my ears. It usually lasts about 3 days and I can control my imbalance symptoms with antihistamines. ...but i just couldn't shake it this time. it has been going on for a month! i finally dragged myself to the doctor and he gave me an antibiotic - and i think it's working! My ears stopped aching and i don't walk "tilted" anymore. I also took my truck in for its safety check. Hawaii requires you get one every year and when you pass you get a sticker for your car that is good for one year. My truck FAILED! how embarrassing - my 2 front tire were BALD! My son Sky had said at - YE GADS! - christmas time, that I needed new tires...but i! Lance took the car in on Thursday and got it 4 new all terrain truck tires, meant for street and off road. They are gorgeous -much more macho than the whimpy tires it came with!...and it finally passed its safety test...Lance also repainted the front grill and bought 4 new mats for inside. Yeah!
On Wednesday I had my hair cut and recolored. I did away with all the blond and red streaky stuff and went back to plain old dark brown... well sort of..... i'm going back week after next to get burgundy highlights put in, although I guess in the sun it still has lots of colors in it....Now on Thursday I had my hand surgery. I tried to convince the doctor to do both hands at once, but she said no, and i'd see why later. Boy was she right. I can do nothing, and I mean NOTHING with my right hand. I can barely pull my underwear up! It won't hold a fork! I can't get it wet (water, paint, glue) and worse - I can't put any weight on it or push or pull with it. I'm supposed to move my fingers and wrist all I can every which way to prevent scar tissue formation, but that's it. It is very hard and frustrating and boring to use only my left hand. My DH has been wonderful though. He thinks I should stay in bed and is waiting on me hand and foot!
oh...and it hurts and needs to be iced a lot. ok, not really much. I've only taken tylenol twice in 3 days. I'm just whiny and bored and full of guilt ridden angst because i have a lot to do and can't do it......
So- my projects are all just sitting there, longing to be worked on.
oh well.
here are two bracelets I finished earlier in the week before I had surgery.Copper wire, copper hearts, glass cane beads, other glass beadsThis one is brass with spoon parts, bees and glass drops with glass cane beads.


ren said...

MAN, what a week you had, eeks! Well, the hair looks great :-). I got in touch with Susan after seeing your art in a carton and this friday I got mine ! So fun. Did you find anyone who wants you to send one to? I've no idea who I'll send one other than Susan herself... ! Hope your hand feels better, dear.

Joanne Huffman said...

Somehow I thought you were having your hand surgery this coming week. I'm glad to hear it went well. Do all the exercise they give to you, so you will be flexible when it heals. The bracelets are lovely. Glad your truck got gussied up and finally passed muster. Congrats to Vincent on his promotion; now I hope they forget about his existence until he can't be called up again. Your hair looks great; I think burgundy highlights will be striking. Let lance wait on you all he wants to.


Stiggy said...

Gratz on your son re promotion.

Your hair looks great too!

I just LOVE your truck!!!!

I've been looking at similar ones with a wishful look in my eye, but unfortunately we haven't got room yet for one - maybe another year if we need it!


(PS did i say i loved your van?)


joyce said...

oh my gosh connie, what a week! hope you are feeling better by now. i have to tell you, i've got truck envy girlfriend :)

jackie said...

I was thinking of you on your surgery day and you've been in my thoughts since then - I hope your hand heals quickly! How wonderful that you have such a kind and caring hubby! I am impressed that you were able to type on your blog - I'm sure it was painful.
LOVE your new haircut! LOVE your bracelets! LOVE your truck!
Take care!

Karen Owen said...

Oh my gosh! YOu have had a heck of a week. I love your hair! What are you going to do without the use of your right hand? How long before you can use it again?


kathy mc said...

You look marvelous darling. Love your hair. New tires are good thing. Sorry to hear about your hand sugery. Hope you heal quickly. Take care of yourself and let yourself be pampered while your healing.
Your bracelets look very nice.

inventivesoul said...

I love the hair!

I hope your hand mends super fast!!!