Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I.C.E. Pendant Swap

Recently I participated in a "pendant swap" hosted by Amber Dawn for I.C.E. For this swap I made glass heart pendants. I tried to make eyeball pendants, but I just couldn't get eyes to look right and then of course I got bored with them and made the hearts. It was an 10 for 10 swap. These are the pendants I received - it was a FABULOUS swap!Mermaid pendant by Ronda Archangelo
Leaf pendant by Michele Johnson
Polymer clay rose pendant by Amber Dawn
Fused dichroic pendant by Peg Krzyzewski. (those vertical stripes aren't really there, they are light reflections)
Copper wire heart pendant with agate stones by Lori Anderson
Spoon pendant by Sheela Stoneman
Framed pendant by Gina Louthian
Callie's Wedding Dress pendant by Donna Barnitz (c 1930)
Glass heart and silver pendant by Regina Rose
Burgundy pendant by Ann Marie Hodrick

This is an anklet I made for my niece. It has sterling beads that say "Maggie" - the name of her new baby........
Tomorrow I am leaving early for a relaxing kick back day at the beach. I will be taking hana's Flat Stanley with me. I have laminated him and made him some swimming trunks so he can have a good time with me at the beach!


kathy mc said...

What wonderful charms you received. Have fun at the beach.

Joanne Huffman said...

You're right. All these pendants are wonderful, just as good as the hearts you sent out. Enjoy your kick back day.


Karen Owen said...

Wow! These pendants are awesome! And your anklet is lovely. My stepdaughter (my dh's oldest) is named Maggie, so I have a fondness for that name.

inventivesoul said...

Cool pics Chetta!
I LOVE THAT doll that you made a square for, the dress is amazing, OK the WHOLE THING is amazing!
I read your list of things done and favorites. That was fun to read!

Hey, the swap was a 10 for 10 not an 11 for 10.
The pics are awesome.

Have a great week!


inventivesoul said...

May I use these pictures on the ICE blog?


Ronda said...

Hi there...what a treat to see your lovely pic of my mermaid pendant! May I borrow it to use on my blog?


Ronda A.