Friday, April 11, 2008

Today, after my bike ride, I worked in the garden. My DH had shaped the hedges and trimmed several heliconias, and left the massive debris for me to pick up. That's our system - he cuts, I do the pick up! While scooping up one pile I saw something drop and wiggle wildly. My first thought was that it was an earthworm - it was a rich brownish purple color. On closer inspection (I picked it up - with my gloves still on, of course) I could see its tiny forked tongue -and that it did not have any segments like an earthworm. It was an elusive Hawaiian blind snake! I have found them before, but usually they are silvery blue - just beautiful! This one was dark. I freed it under a bush - they don't like light - but here is a picture of one. I didn't take this picture - it is from the Hawaiian Zoological Society. Hawaii has one other snake - a sea snake. The tiny 6 inch blind snake is not indigenous to Hawaii - it hitchhiked on a plant back in the 30's. It eats termites and other tiny insects. Click on this link to read more about them:
On another note, I finished my "By The Sea" charms and finally got them in the mail. I really have to stop signing up for so many swaps....I have a lot of ideas for original art i want to work on, but I think I procrastinate getting them done by doing swaps........
Now I have to work on my 3 "art in a carton" projects. ....and my "nude deck" card. I am trying to get as much done as possible before I have my hand surgery! I sure hope the print shop will print my nude cards......i've never taken anything like that into them before......


Joanne Huffman said...

OK, the snake looks awful to me. I'm certainly glad it eats termites and is useful, but I wouldn't want to hold one, even with gloves. Oh yeah, having received a few of your charms in the past5, I hope you don't give up swaps.


inventivesoul said...

LOL what a post! Nudes, snakes.... LOL...

Chetta, make sure you note on the print form that it is for a mature and adult person's eyes, ONLY, to process the order.
That way no one can accuse you of indecent exposure LOL!


jackie said...

Connie, your charms are delightful! And as always, your artful card that accompanies your artwork is gorgeous!
Best of luck to you regarding the hand surgery - you'll be in my thoughts and prayers!

Stiggy said...

Love the charms!

I grew up by the sea, so love anything to do with it.

I hope your surgery is successful, and as painfree as possible.

One thing I'd like to know though..... you prefer Connie or Cetta?

Otherwise I'll be fretting about it for days! LOL!