Tuesday, June 17, 2008

MICA CHARM SWAP and a RAK from Spain!

Fool that I am I committed to a "mica charm swap" over at Charmsters. I had never worked with mica before, and I have to say - it is NOT my favorite substance to work with. My punches had a rough time punching through the mica and i did not have good control with thinning the mica and yet keeping enough thickness for it to remain strong and substantial to take the abuse a charm will get. Also, all of the edges had to be sealed so it would not fall apart later, and the mica had to be reinforced so that the hanging ring would not pull through. Maybe because I am working it just seemed a daunting task. Also, when using it as a transparency, again it had to be so thin it just looked like yellowed plastic to me. yeah, I know, it's a mineral and natural and all that, but I did not find it's look all that appealing to me......but hey - what do I know? Maybe I just don't know how to use it properly.....The theme was "home", and this is what I came up with, after many failed attempts:


On a more exciting note, I sent an "Art in a Carton" to Shakti in Spain-and although she was not supposed to send me anything back - she RAKed me anyway! Look at all of the exciting goodies I received!....a hand decorated box, a beaded coin purse, vials FULL of swarovski crystals ( i can never have enough of those!) a tiny embellished mirror, a mini notebook, lots of beautiful papers and trims and yarns, a jeweled lock keychain, postcards from Spain, Spanish matchbox - and more! Even the addressed paper it was all wrapped in was sheet music on the inside. WAY TOO GENEROUS! Thank you, Shakti! (click to make the picture larger)

What else? I sent in two PMC Charms for the "Charms for Charity" benefit, one of an articulated bird and one a bird's nest with pearl eggs, but I forgot to photograph them...that's what happens when you are in a hurry to get to the Post office!


jackie said...

Connie, your mica charm is beautiful!! I would never have thought that you had a problem or distress in creating these - gorgeous! And I always love the creative tags that you make for presenting your charms - lovely!
Wowzer, what a wonderful goodie box from Spain! Have fun creating!

ren said...

what a cool bunch of goodies... am sending my second AIC this week, it's cool and exciting... how you doing in LA? it's warming up here, goodie :-)

Stiggy said...

WOW! I admire you for working to get it right - all those charms are way to fiddly for me - I prefer building big things, where I can swing a hammer or use a power tool - I would have made a complete mess of that had I tried to do what you've done!

I love seeing your work - it's great seeing different stuff than my wife makes - really interesting.


Joanne Huffman said...

For all the trauma it caused you, the mica charm is waaay cool; and, as always, your presentation card is the perfect setting for it. The RAK from Spain is full of treasures. Good for you for getting your pmc charms in on time (I didn't make it); sorry you didn't get photos.


inventivesoul said...

Can I be a charmster too?

Connie, the B&W did not have a lot of follow through.
Only 20 and out of that number only 14 were swappable!
I made a few sets, so you will be getting a few of my designs.

I am shipping them this coming week to you.
You are getting some back that you made. Don't be sad!
(You can use it for another swap!)

Thank you for visiting my blog!

I saw Shakti's name on my friend Jan's blog.
Art in a carton looks like fun!

Amber---who wants to be a charmster! OH and PS For mica- drill a hole and get some rivet or eyelet in there for a reinforced hold.
They also make different shades- some clear, pink, purple and some yellowy.

shirleymcc said...

wonderful charm! I love mica and have punched through it with my Crop-a-dile pretty easily. The Fiskar's hand drill works well, also.
I hope all is well with you!