Thursday, September 18, 2008

My last few weeks in Los Angeles...

I realized I never posted any pictures of where I was living. I was lucky to get "the blue room" in a lovely upscale home in the Hills above Culver Studios.

Mrs. T, my lovely landlady in Los Angeles, and I, at Ugo, having lunch. Mrs. T is a nutritionist and a caterer, and was a most gracious host while I stayed at her home. Often I would come home late at night to find a scrumptuous meal of veggie lasagna or home garden grown vegetable soup waiting for me. The gardens around the house were full of many vegetables and beautiful flowers.....every night around 8pm the red fox would come to be fed by Mrs. T, and for the last 2 weeks, her 2 kits came too.

Mrs. T's beautiful garden....

The view outside my bedroom window.

One weekend I went to visit my grandbaby Hana. Here's a manipulated photo I did for her - Hana as Hannah Montana.

I brought 2 cameras with me, and I gave one for hana to use and i took the other and we went off for a nature walk. Hana took the most amazing pictures! I won't show them all to you, but she caught on to using the macro lens, etc and shee took over 300 photos- her composition was terrific and her pictures were all sharp. I love the subjects she chose to shoot!

The pig pets that live at Hana's house

...and then I was very fortunate to have a visit from Terry Ross, a fellow Diva who was in LA visiting her daughter.

Me on the left, terry on the right!

Part of the "tomb raider" set - where we filmed on my last day of work - way cool!

a "woodsman's" grave at a cemetery we filmed at last week. There were several of these at this cemetery...... I love tombstones!

I liked the stone rose on this one.


jackie said...

Connie! I am so glad you shared these wonderful photos! Your "home away from home" looks divine! It's great that you found this lovely place and were treated so royally!
Hana is certainly a budding photographer - I'd love to see more of her photos!
And how fun that you got to meet Terry and Joanne and other Divas while you were in LA!
So are you back home now and all settled in?
It's good to "see" you again!

Joanne Huffman said...


I love the photos - both yours and Hannah's. I bet you're really excited about going home!