Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Art Work

I started several new canvasses. Jesse Reno (in the class I took) suggested one work on several pieces at once - so when you are uninspired with one, you can go to the next. Jesse also doesn't exactly plan what the artwork is to become, he just looks at it as it forms and lets it go however it wants. I worked on the original painting I did in his class....i wish i could say it was done, but i keep adding/subtracting from it. here is how it looks now:

I created 4 other backgrounds and worked very hard on one particular canvas that was red orange and yellow flames made from molding paste and tissue paper. Looking at it I decided what the shapes and colors suggested to me, and drew them in with a black marker. Then i proceeded to paint and highlight my new creation.
It sucked. I hated it. I added tar gel strings, thread for more texture, and highlighting colors. I covered up the parts didn't like and tried to turn the designs into new designs. Finally I ripped off all the texture and white gessoed over the whole thing. Yuck. I just can't free form design...i really need to draw out and plan and fuss and slave over it .....I'm obsessive about that.....I'm not good outside my box....
So I switched to jewelry making.
I finished a baby rosary for my grand niece.
It is made from AB swarovski 3mm crystals and light siam 4mm swarovski crystals, on fine silver. The center piece is a silver cherub.
I made a Black and White necklace using new beads I'd bought in LA. It turned out way cool - it has eyeball beads on it and is made with fine silver. If I ever open an etsy shop I'll save this for it. I love black and white!

Then I made some charms for the "Ties That Bind" Project.

The last one is one of my "fight tooth and nail" charms ( as in "fighting tooth and nail")
My friend Amber Dawn sent me a way cool package of rusty bezels that she had collected for me.

I traded with her for them. She has to poke under the fence of an old factory and dig them out of the mud with a stick one by one to find them. Very time consuming and a lot of work! They are really wonderful. Thank you Amber Dawn!
Here is a charm I made with one of the rusty bezels for a special friend. The vintage bee I thought was copper, but it cleans up like brass. It is set in the bezel with resin.
I bought a copy of "Wrap, Stitch Fold and Rivet" by Mary Hettmansperger - great ideas in this book - and so simple! I made these 2 copper beads. I'm still experimenting.. Next one I make I'll put rivets on it to lace thru - these two are too messy for me to use for anything, but they did open up a world of new possibilities... very organic....just what I need - more stuff to play with!

...and on another note, we have two huge mango trees at our house. The fruit is usually ready to pick early August. Since I was gone at this time, I knew I had missed out this year. But my DH had left one on the tree - and it lasted until I got home and could pick it. It will still take another week or so until it turns yellow and is ripe - I can hardly wait!

It is so very good to be home.


kathy mc said...

All very cool stuff. You have been very busy. You have such an artistic mind.

Joanne Huffman said...

Hey! I just bought Wrap, Stitch, Fold, and Rivet! Your painting looks very cool - even if it is a temporary version; it looks like a pregnant fantasy bird to me (I know, I shouldn't be thinking so representationally). The baby rosary is lovely. The black and white necklace is beyond cool. The charms are wonderful - you really are the Charm Queen. The bezels are too cool for words. You have been very so busy with cool stuff since you got home. I love that you're blogging again!


Judy Streger said...

What an amazing variety of art.
The rusty bezels should keep you busy for quite a while. I love your painting even if you don't think it's quite done. And your charms are so unique, especially the "fight tooth and nail."

inventivesoul said...

*smiles and laughs in a chuckle*- Hi! Cetta, the factory is not abandoned!
I never said that... You must be mixing my story with the stories told of doll parts being dug up from Europe?
I love the imagery of me visiting an old closed down factory to collect these, but it is not so.
They have yet to close.
It is just hard to collect them in the mud, under the fence with a dowel or twig/stick!

I love that you are using them!
If you make something that you would like me to post to my blog, let me know and I will share it!

What a great husband to leave one on the tree for you!

OH, and Thursday, I saw a subway poster for Starter Wife.
Debra (Deborah?) Oh I am not sure how she spells it... OK I will call her Mrs. Messing... She is one great actress!
I loved her in several movies and as "Grace". Totally reminds me of Lucille Ball!

And before I forget, I love the charm with the hand, and the one about fighting tooth and nail!

Your other art is great too, but if I start telling you all about that, we will be here for a while....
I'll be back another time to tell you that you are amazing...
Big happy smile!

Karen Owen said...

You've been quite prolific! Love the charms. I had enough trouble just getting 1 done.

jackie said...

Oh my Connie! What beautiful art you have created since you've returned to paradise!! I love every single piece! The baby rosary is especially sweet! And your painting is awesome! Your black and white "eyeball" necklace is so YOU! Love all of your charms - I still cherish my "tooth and nail" that you made me!

ren said...

Hey Connie, i bet you are happy to be home... so am I :-). You have made amazing stuff, I LOVE your charms, the one with the little hand is my favorite.... Posted the last carton (the one for you) today, it should be there soon... Have fun, Renata

dejavucreations said...

I can vouch for the excellence of your charms for the Ties that Bind doll - I've seen them! Thanks for helping us with this project. I really like the copper beads you made. Very cool "peas in a pod" as well as the "corset" bead. Oh, you say that isn't a corset??? Well, I like it anyway! :D