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ChildhoodCancer - Vote to Make it an Obama Priority

This is a subject that we don't want to read about....but it is important to read this - and take ACTION! ........or, just go to the last paragraph, and VOTE! Obama has a great government blog and is taking your questions/responses!
Did you know childhood cancer kills more children than any other disease? ...and did you know that most treatments are based on adults....and money to cure cancer goes mainly to adult cancers? How about the number of children who are "cured" only in their teens to have a new cancer, caused by the chemo and/or radiation?
I have been following "carepages", where parents blog about their children and their treatment, their hopes and their frustrations.
I was first introduced to Care Pages when a member of one of my groups asked for prayers for a friends child who had brain cancer. I went to the website and read about Julian Avery and his wonderful mom Mimi and their family....and well, I was moved. touched...... how easy my life is, how trivial my issues - with all my supposed "problems".... compared to a parent (to an entire family!) who is going thru this. Imagine spending 24/7 with your sick child, the chemo, radiation......and still trying to maintain a household, especially with other small children in the family..... and always hoping. praying. never giving up - and keeping your faith?
Julian Avery (the JuJu King) didn't make it. This week, another wonderful 5 year old - Coleman Larsen - also earned his wings. read about Coleman here:

Well, now you can help do something about will only take a moment of your time.
Here's a post i copied from Michele Kemper Brownlow's Blog, My Semblance of Sanity -

.....I let my good friend Bob Piniewski hi-jack my blog today. Bob is AJ's dad. Go over to and see their story, it is one you will never forget. If you have hung around my blog long enough, you know how passionate I am about finding a cure for Childhood Cancer! Well, leave it to Bob to TRULY help make a difference. If you have ever known of a child with cancer or you just hope and pray that word NEVER enters your house in the form of a diagnosis, please pass the link to this post on to everyone you know. If we all just link arms and tell a story, we could CHANGE THE WORLD! Bob....have at it! OK - Another opportunity. From the website: "Share your ideas on any issue facing the new administration, then rate or comment on other ideas. The best rated ideas will rise to the top -- and be gathered into a Citizen's Briefing Book to be delivered to President Obama after he is sworn in."We got an early start. Right now "Increased Funding for Childhood Cancer" is the #2 rated idea. Close your eyes and imagine this: Obama walks into the Oval Office and settles in on January 26th. He is handed The Citizen's Briefing Book - outlining the issues facing the new administration. He opens it up. The first issue facing the new administration is "Increased Funding for Childhood Cancer". There are over 500 comments and stories for him to read.Can any human being see that and read that and not do something about it? Go to, log in, search childhood cancer. Go to the answer with the most comments. Vote it up. Leave your story in the comments. Invite him to the CureSearch Milestone Walk June 21, 2009 in Washington DC.let's do it......let's put these kids where they deserve...first place! Please forward to your contacts. Thank you all so much. AJs Dad AJsspace - Join People Against Childhood Cancer - Sign the Cure Childhood Cancer Petition - "

...and here's another version of the same thing, made easy peasy.... GO VOTE!

Obama is now allowing us to submit short questions to the Transition Team. The questions are then voted on. Right now the leading question has about 1000 votes. Lori wrote this up and I submitted it:
Childhood cancer is the #1 killer disease of our kids: 46 are diagnosed & 7 die each day. Additional funding is needed for research into better treatment options. Will you direct the National Cancer Institute to prioritize funds to save our kids?
To vote it to the top, go to: Register and search childhood cancer. It will show up on the last page of the results. Please vote for our question. Let's get it in the top spot. Tell everyone you know to vote for it.

...and while you're at it, think about adopting a family whose child has cancer. You don't give money or gifts - just prayer and support.
This info is from Aaron, whose son Cole also earned his wings.
I would just like to say thank you to all of you who have answered the call and Sponsored a child on We now have over 500 members and over 560 kids adopted. Once again Thank you so much... You can have the assurance of knowing that you truly are making a difference. Take Care and God Bless. Aaron

To adopt a child email: (there is no financial obligation only your support and encouragement)

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