Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Good week!

First off, my wonderful older sister, Marianne and her husband Frank came to Maui for a week for their 35th wedding anniversary. I flew over there to visit! I had just the best time - they are so much fun to be with.....the weather was lovely - unlike my island which has had nothing but rain and stormy skys and mold.
We stayed a great hotel/condo near La Haina and it had the coolest 5 section pool - and a waterfall you could swim to - and it was right on the beach. You think I would have taken lots of pictures...I wish!

...the three of us....

a beach at a look out point......

a giant 5 inch moth that landed on the bar hut at night while we were having dinner. Yes, this is a NIGHT shot!
We snorkeled around the Molokini crater and went whale watching! ...and drank a lot of volcano daquiri's and pina coladas! (well, mari and I, anyway....)

Then, later that week I found out I won 2 (yes 2) blog give aways!
A beautiful bracelet (a new obsession) from Sherry Goodloe in Callifornia,
and some gorgeous art cards from Wendy in New Zealand!
Check them out! .......sherry goodloe
Wendy Pettifer, Puhoi, New Zealand
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Sprite said...

Hi there :) I'm not sure how I landed here but glad I did! I was googling something but now can't remember what! Anyway, I just spent an hour or so thoroughly enjoying my visit here. Wonderful creations and blog! :)


Joanne Huffman said...

Glad you had such a good time with your sister!


jackie said...

I enjoyed the photos! Glad you got to join your sister and BIL for a week of relaxation!
And congrats on being a double winner! Good karma surrounds you, sweet friend!