Saturday, February 14, 2009


OWOH is finally over for 2009. I have to admit, during the 5? 6? weeks it was happening - I became obsessed. Every night I would stay up way late - no time to visit my friends - and I would visit exotic blogs all over the world...911 blogs to get thru......(hmmm hadn't noticed that 911 blogs...)
Well, there is no rush now. I can leisurely explore all the incredible blogs I have bookmarked.
...and I WON... Eleven GREAT prizes! (I can hardly believe it!)

1. A lovely Dotee doll and a handmade paper tag book, decorated on both sides - both made by Brenda Lea. I have never owned a Dotee doll before - she looks so happy!

Brenda currently has a 29 days of Giveaways going on her blog! great stuff and much better odds of winning than OWOH! Check it out!

2. A One year subscription to The Essential Herbal, published by Tina Sams. WowWee! She has a free copy on her blog that you can download. It is jam packed full of herbal recipes for lotions, cookies, dinners..... and has tons of other herbal info, tips, featured articles, etc. Plus, she sells all kinds of other potions and salves, beads, creams, soaps, etc that she has made. You know how much I love this type of stuff!

3. Adorable polymer clay Teapot Earrings! made by Kelly Brabon of Leah James
in Australia.

Aren't the colors great? I just love teapots!

4. A Polymer Clay ATC. How cool is that? Made by Vanessa from Vanessa's Clay Adventures

This one....

or this one - Vanessa didn't say which one - but she did say there would be a surprise on the back!

5. A stunning pair of Red faceted crystal and brass earrings, made by Louise from Whispering Poppies

...and RED is my bestest favoritest color!

6. From Ruthie at Roseworks Jewelry, I won ANY ONE THING I wanted from her amazing ETSY store. You HAVE to go there! I think she is way UNDERPRICED! I loved this one:

But you know how much I love spiders, and this set was called "Saffron's Web" - it sounds just like me! ...and just look at it! Isn't it fabulous! and so I chose it....and now it's mine, all mine!

and her etsy store: roseworks jewelry

7. A gorgeous polymer rose pendant made by bunnykissd from "Diary of a Crazy Rabbit Lady, too". Bunnykissd also has a great etsy site! She's going to make this into a pendant for me!

8. A beautiful purse that Elizabeth Aggie Chen from Metamor4sis says she picked up in Thailand. She is going to put a surprise inside! Elizabeth's blog is really fascinating!

9. Oh My Gosh! An amazing bird quiltie that I SO coveted - all hand made by my Diva Friend Karen from Karen's Muse and Musings

Isn't it lovely!

10. A warm and cuddly minky lined baby stroller blanket made by Monica Kelly from Monicas Crafts. I, of course, love the spider fabric, but it will be a surprise which blankie i receive!

11. My last wonderful prize, this darling pair of green heart earrings, made by Terronda Clarke from Unique Commodities . Aren't they beauties!

I am very very thankful for all of the really terrific prizes i was so blessed to receive! One World, One Heart was such a generous event, and I look forward to it next year!
Thank you, everyone!


Joanne Huffman said...

You really made a haul! Great wins.


Kathy L said...

Congrats...Your wins were and are wonderful...


jackie said...

Wow! You won some wonderful things! Congrats to you - you deserve your "luckiness"!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Nice . . .very nice :) I was lucky this year as WELL - won 9 wonderful gifties and met many new blog friends. I just LOVE OWOH!

Kelly said...

holy cow, connie! ELEVEN WINS!! that is fabulous! that is just so much fun for you. yay!!

inventivesoul said...


I've not been to your blog in some time and this was a FUN surprise to discover!

I think it is SO funny how several of us won MANY prizes while others won nothing....
I dunno...
Are we just lucky? Or is there actually more to it all???

You won some very colorful stuff!

BunnyKissd said...

I am so behind in reading my blogs, but you won so many great prizes! ^-^ Congratulations!