Monday, February 23, 2009

New Stuff and around the shop!

I have been working on several new necklaces and earrings, in anticipation of opening an Etsy shop in March. Click on any photo to see it closer.....
This is a variation of "shelter from the rain"... copper leaves, hammered, engraved and hand shaped. The color is a heat patina, and the blue patina is from ammonia. The links are all copper, with stones of picture jasper, poppy jasper, turquoise, and amazonite. The bird is polymer clay. Sealed with a light varnish and then Renaissance wax.

This is a copper wire hand with a nest woven on top with a polymer owl sitting on a bone skull. Above the owl is s string of cobra spines, all attached to a hammered steel goth heart handmade chain.

Next, another copper hand with a copper etched cuff heat patinaed and dipped in resin for strength and a polymer bird sitting on a bead of poppy jasper. Above hang jasper stone daggers and copper bells, and jasper chips.

...and lastly, a bone goddess moth with a carved bone face and wrapped wire antennae. Her attached wings are etched copper, fire patinaed. She is attached to a handmade copper bead strung on 4 strands of coral colored beads. I don't know what these beads are, exactly. They look like dyed coral to me, but they may be glass - they have flecks of brown and black in them.

I'm still working on my bird rosary and my goth baby bisque necklace.
Here's a new batch of birds right out of their 2nd time in the oven:
next they will be glazed with burnt sienna, raw sienna, crimson red, buff and black acrylic paints. Then they baked again to set the paint. Then they get different beak colors. Then #15 beads and/or micro beads are attached with liquid polymer clay and baked again, as eyes. lastly they are coated with 3 layers of future acrylic floor polish and baked once more. VOILA! Tuscan bird beads.
here's a little slide show from around my shop. My DH has a lumix camera that has unbelievable focus! You just move the lens up to what you want to shoot and the focus is perfect - no adjusting to macro for close -ups, etc. ...and it has a phenomenal zoom. I want one! So easy!


jackie said...

Oh my goodness, Connie! Your necklaces are absolutely stunning! Your creativity truly shines in each of these! And I still can't get over the bird beads - so many steps involved! They are awesome - can't wait til you open your Etsy store - will these be available there? And how on earth do you handmake a copper bead?! I am just so in awe of your talent!!
Oh, I loved the slide show - great photos! So are those Lumix cameras very pricey??
Thanks for sharing your amazing talents!

kathy mc said...

Good luck with your Etsy store. your necklaces are amazing. Love the shots around your workshop. Who makes that camera, great shots!

Joanne Huffman said...

Love the slide show! Love the necklaces (I want to buy the goddess moth and I don't want to wait until March). Your bead birds are fantastic. I wish you lived closer and we could play together.


Deryn Mentock said...

Beautiful work Connie! Wonderful focals and really unique elements. Love it!

Dale said...

Your work here is so unique! I just love your necklaces. The bird one calls to me so strong!!! I adore it. I can't wait till your etsy opens in march!!! Thanks for showing your fab necklaces here!

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

I am loving those birds, and the necklaces are just amazing!

skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

wow those are AMAZING!! love them.

Amber said...

What kind of camera does your DH have? I would love to get a no fuss focus camera! Does it do macro shots well automatically also?

Amber said...

Nevermind my question about macro, doy. You said that in your post. ~blush~

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