Friday, May 01, 2009


Recently I traded Dot Christian from Australia some bird beads for a Dotee Bird and egg. Woohoo! am i one happy camper! Dot is famous for her Dotee Dolls, and although I've seen imitations, I had never seen an original before.
I HAD NO IDEA how detailed and fantastic they are! Just look!

That is all teeny tiny hand embroidery and beading. Look at the close up of the egg below:

...and this is from the birds body. those little flowers are each sewn on, and they are itsy bitsy. The whole bird is only about 5 inches across!

aren't those baby stars (in the right corner) just wonderful?
BUT WAIT...there was more - Dot also sent me, as an EXTRA - a DOTEE DOLL!

Isn't she gorgeous?

Dot also sent me some beautiful postcards with pictures of some of her other artwork.
I am so thrilled and delighted!


Sherry Goodloe said...

What a wonderful piece of artwork you have received! WOW, the detail!!

Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool!


3rdEyeMuse said...

she really does do amazing work - congratulations on your spectacular trade!!

Ann said...


Dale said...

oh my! I love the hand made, intense quality to these! They remind me of a faberge egg of something... all full of tiny details. Beautiful beautiful things, what a great haul!

inventivesoul said...

Dotee sure does some amazing detailed work on all of her dolls!
She must be fast because I see her dolls all over the place!
I think that what she made for you is wonderful!
Have fun with all of it!!!

jackie said...

I can see why you're so excited - beautiful items with such intricate details!
Gee, I am so behind in reading my fave blogs - so sorry that I missed out on the drawing - you create the most awesome art!! I love your owl beads! And the bracelet/necklace is just amazing!! I look forward to seeing what you offer in your etsy shop - I know it will all be wonderful!
I could not find info the nostalgic challenge from Bumblebead - is it over? That would be fun!
I'm so glad you're back home Connie - and did I tell you that I got to see your gorgeous son on "Saving Grace"? I know you're so proud!

Sprite said...

Wow, those are pretty awesome! Such detail! Thank you for sharing with us :) I can only imagine she's thrilled with your beads too! :)

Big hugs,

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

How lucky are you?! That is just super cool, they are just darling! Amazing work, thanks for sharing.

Kathy L said...

Wow, the Dotee Dolls are incredible. I just can't imagine the time that went into these. I imagine they will have a place of honor!


Jacky said...

Wonderful photos of your gifties from have to see them in the flesh to appreciate ALL of the wonderful stitching and embellishing. Just beautiful!

Lorri Scott said...

OMG! Lucky you. I can't believe all the beading and detail!